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The Wrath of God.

There once was a time
I had everything,
material things
that made up my life.

But then one dark night,
fate had a plan
to change my life’s course
and take it away.

A raging inferno
decided to burn,
and take in its wake
my heart’s desire.

A displaced person
I had to rebuild
What I once had
all just from scratch.

Just like a phoenix
it rose from the ashes
of my destroyed life -
a new one to build.

With help from my friends,
loved ones, and family
I tried to stay strong.
I tried to move on.

The house that I lived in
is no longer standing,
destroyed by a fire,
by the wrath of God.

But I thank my Lord
for my life that I have,
for my life and my soul
He decided to spare.
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