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These are the best of friends.There is a test. Will this be the end of their friendship?
The Friendship Test

Once, there was two friends-such as is expected. One might say the obvious and sound trifle thick, but one must to tell such a story as this. At some point in time, made bold and neon from the usual drone of everyday life, was a certain idea, stirred, mixed, brewed, boiled, and rehashed in one of the friend’s minds. It occurred to her a sly, cunning trick to which only a best friend would be ever able to puzzle through. So, picking up her Mp3, the friend found a list of songs. Shoving it in a stunned companions face, she stated;

“Only a true friend would know what my favorite song is. This is a test. Pick a song. I will be able to judge you by your choice.”

The companion became mildly concerned by such a thing. She had to pick her favorite? Looking through the list, she found herself stuck between 5 or 6 songs that she was absolutely sure her friend liked.

Well, seeing as they were at musical practice, the friends had to do the scene. Hence, the test was to happen later.

As she puzzled through it, it occurred to her that ALL of those songs were her friend’s favorite. Her friend would like more than one.

Going back to the task at hand, she was again handed the Mp3 player. Looking through contentedly, she chooses a random song and looked expectantly at her. She was pleased.

“Actually” She was preparing for a big reveal.

“I pick a random song. You like them all.”

“‘Tis true, darling, ‘tis very true.

They both laughed.
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