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by Kings
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An evil hate lives somewhere down in my soul.

Hidden Hate

There is hate that's deep in my soul.
Tried to cast it out but it won't let go.
It's dormant unless tempted to react.
All hating is evil and that's a plain fact.

It stays out of sight unless provoked.
Sleeps deep in my soul unless awoke.
It is a demon that dwells in my mind.
Comes out when it chooses the time.

I must conquer this Beast living in me.
I'll drive it out of my body for eternity.
It holds my body captive won't release.
I'll fight the urge to keep this evil Beast.

I've asked my God to cast it out today.
Know my faith in Him will drive it away.
Far away from my soul it'll be cast out.
My faith will be strong I have no doubt.

BY: Kings

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