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EWTN moment

      I flipped into Women on Jesus on EWTN. The Lady host is very chatty and
      looks like she has a monster vibrator. I'm just following my gut on this.
      She has a guest Priest to talk about sexual addiction. Does that sound odd?
      And of course, the theme is the importance of making lots of babies in
      wholesome marriages, because we really need more happy people in this
      happy world .. Right?

      The Saint for consideration for this show is Saint Margret of Cortona.
      The Saint was a prostitute, who we are told had relapses while in the
      monastery. Okay! The Priest talks on and on about how important self control
      is. How many child molestation charges have been filed against the Holy Seed?
      And the chatty moderator, who looks like she wearing a butterfly vibrator,
      is praising abstinence.

      All of the Catholic girls I knew in high school were horny as hell.
      I think it was the wholesome lectures the nuns gave them. Marriage is
      wonderful, but people are toxic. Just my guts talking.
      If you have any knowledge of world events, do not bring more babies into
      this inferno! Are you crazy?! I have nightmares about babies being blown
      to ashes in an atomic explosion.

      Catholicism was a useful in the early social movements against Roman
      Empirerialism, but then it became a Papacy. That is no longer in step with
      democratic ideals. Can you dig it?

      Just my two cents..

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