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Courses for horses and men.
“They shoot horses, don’t they?” by Horace Mc Coy; is a novel I have not read. The movie I did see and it did not sink into my mind.

“What a waste”, was the thought then, as Jane Fonda was … well … not something to waste. Am I that shallow? After seeing “Barberella”, who would argue?

Such was the thought that came into my mind after the fact.

The ‘facts of the day’ is as follows.

He sold Him a horse, and Him took the horse home. Only, it was two horses, a stallion and a mare.

The horses returned to their old home as horses will, when not properly acclimatized at the new range, and this entails in keeping them corralled securely.

The return journey was along a public road, and over a highway, down the highway, and up a private road, a total distance of approximately six or seven miles. This was all during a Saturday morning before 11 o’clock as this was the time we came back from town. There was no sign of the horses when we went to town two hours earlier.

As we came onto the homestretch on the highway, we saw the sight of a traffic patrol car with flashing lights along the road, two frantic patrol officers trying to chase two horses along the fence, and traffic whizzing by at breakneck speed.

The horses were chased, being frightened out of their mind, and were crisscrossing the highway in-between the speeding cars. A few of the cars who were trying to swerve out of the way to miss the horses almost caused accidents doing that.

We pulled over next to the patrol car and soon we had a system going where they were controlling the traffic and we started herding the horses home. The biggest problem was getting the cars to slow down.

Once we got the human element sorted out, the horses got the idea and we escorted them home.

On parting the one traffic officer remarked “Next time these horses will be shot”.

I had a few drivers and horse owners in mind. Then, that is me.

Post Script: The photo is of one of the horses involved in this story.

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