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A brief poem about my bitterness towards my beloved horse's death
The Day you Left

My world is mute.
I see your figure, lying motionless,
And colours start to fade; sounds disappear.
I scream, as loud as I can, yet I hear nothing,
Except for the word repeating in my head:
Dead. Dead. Dead.
This word is cruel; it is the heartbeat you lack.
It does not describe what you are now;
This is too complicated and scary to be put
Into that one simple word:
Dead. Dead. Dead.
You lie in the sweet green pasture,
And suddenly the pasture is not sweet;
It is evil, sinister, responsible for what happened.
I am beside you, wrapping my arms around you,
Whispering that I love you.
You are my four-legged other half,
My partner, my friend.
I lie with you thro night, til morning
I am sobbing, terrified,
And angry with everything;
It is everything's fault.
I blame the world; the newly muted world.
The world that I see for its true self now;
It is not a beautiful place.
It gives things on occasion,
Trying to impression upon me that it is lovely.
But in the end, it takes twice as much as it gave;
It takes everything I love away.
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