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I like to interview .. or somethin..
      Nov 26, 2012
      Interviewed subject James~

      He is computer typing a woman he hopes to marry.
      I ask if I may sit with him. James is very congenial and allows me to
      interview him. My first thought is why a man, who has been divorced
      would want to remarry.

      "I believe in Jesus and I want to be in a loving respectful relationship."
      James answer is reasonable to a point in my mind: Jesus did preach
      marriage, but Jesus wanted his Apostles to be eunuchs. That is to be
      celibate, but most of the Apostles were married. It was part of the
      Jewish tradition for young men to marry by their 18th birthday.

      Jesus was in his thirties, when he began his preaching.
      He should have been married. James said he had not thought about
      this or the families of the Apostles. He said he would ask his Minister.
      James asked me if I was married. I have never entertained the notion.

      I did not explain to James that I was molested as a boy and have difficulty
      trusting people especially females. This topic is not for lite conversation.
      I simply told James that I have difficulty trusting people and never felt
      the need for a wife. That was not entirely true.

      I like women. They are erotic, but I believe I lack the emotional substance
      to sustain a relationship. I prefer massages. Its very safe and reasonably
      priced. Another topic not appropriate for lite conversation.
      James went on to say he was homeless and living out his SUV.
      I asked if he had mentioned this to his online bride. He said he had.
      My mother told me that women want a man, who can provide for them.
      I was amazed that James had found such a forgiving female.
      I prefer sex after a message. It's very clean.

      So many of the young people I've met don't use condoms and are having
      sex high on drugs or alcohol. That is so dangerous. Many studies assert
      that HIV is rising among teenagers, because of this behavior. Illegal drug
      abuse breaks down the immune system and makes it easier to contract AIDS.
      Trust me I am not sexual promiscuous .. I'm very nervous about disease.
      Well, James' interview was pleasant ..

      I've notice I like to check out a ladies shoes.

      Oh, well.

      ^ $
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