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So many lies, so little time..
        "Eli you can't be pregnant your made of clay." Aden stretched Eli's face
    like Playdough. She slapped his hands away. "You don't have a right. Oh,God."
    Eli's eye popped out and hung down on her face. She quickly fingered it back
    into its socket. Eli began to sob, "Our doctor said I was pregnant."
    Aden sighed and looked upward, "Rene is playing with you. I'll call him."

    I short phone call confirmed that Eli was pregnant.
    Aden sat down in his Lazy Boy chair and used his remote to turn on the radio.

    The radio plays~ "A small boy kneels.
                              He prays to a God
                              he cannot know
                              he cannot see.

                              All of his sins of childhood
                              remembered in a dream.
                              A man of sorrows looks down,
                              but tears will not come.

                              He cries out from his cursed soul.
                              Do what thou wilts
                              to fullest measure of the law."

    "Ho-Ho." Aden shuts the radio off. Aden had begun a simple murder investigation.
    Now, it had twisted into an occult conspiracy. He had shot Lucifer dead only to
    have his good friend Dr. Rene resurrect him.
    How could the CIA be involved in Satanic Witchcraft?

          The light from the fire place seemed brighter as the front door opened ..
    "Mr. Malloy, I hope your not going to shoot me again." Raven said as she entered.
    Raven was a paranormal CIA agent and witch of Lucifer. "I love Christmas."
    Raven continued taking her red coat off, "So many pretty lights."
    Raven extended her left hand at Eli and pulled a fetus out of Eli. Aden tried
    to stand, but he was frozen in his chair.

    Raven laughed hysterically, "It's only clay!"
    The witch pulled at the fetus and it grew into a mandrake.
    The newborn man walked over to Eli and kissed her.
    "Have you thought of a name for me?" the mandrake asked.
    "Seth." she answered and fainted.
    "Oh, yes! It was Seth, who scattered Osiris body alone the Nile.
    What a bright clay woman you have Aden." Raven smirked at Aden.
    He was clearly aroused.

    Aden said the All Father in his mind and broke free. "Impressive." Raven remarked.
    "I know about the Coca~Cola company and the CIA drug running.
    Your trying to put the world into a trance. But, I am a soldier of God!"
    Aden threw his knife at Raven. Raven laughed, but the knife struck her heart.
    She grabbed at it and vanished. The knife fell and stuck into the oak floor.
    Seth screamed and lunged at Aden. Aden struggled with the mandrake and then
    tossed it into the fire place where it exploded into dozens of sparkling ashes.

    Eli awoke in Aden's arms as he cradled her on the floor.
    "How?" Eli asked. "The blade is iron oar. I had it magnetized" Aden pressed
    his face against his wife's putty cheeks.

    to be continued.. ..
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