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Is it a big lizard or a force of nature?

      Muzzy reviews his Godzilla film collection. There are many questions.
      Perhaps these simple observations will help the Japanese people
      survive another attack. I believe the American reporter Raymond Burr
      said it best, "The beast is a force of nature. It wants only to destroy the
      city and all its inhabitants." I believe the Japanese military has used
      every weapon known to stop Godzilla, short of nuclear strike.

      Clearly, this is not a creature that can be stopped with conventional
      weapons. I believe it can only be defeated with an exorcism ..
      Perhaps a Shinto priest could be contacted?
      The original Godzilla was destroyed by an oxygen bomb, but it
      There is a mysterious essence to this beast that cannot be destroyed.

      My advice to the Godzilla Attack Force is to approach this beast as a
      force of nature. The Tao is pleasant and deadly.
      I strongly suggest that the Godzilla Attack Forces contact a
      Shinto Master. Perhaps Mothrah's Fearies could be of help~

      "Godzilla serves GIA. Only when civilization has found harmony with
      nature will Godzilla rest."

      May the force be with you!

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