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by Kaz
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A sort of beauty and the beast story
One day while walking in the woods,
I saw a sight I will never forget.
A dragon,
Which gave me quite a fright.
Laying next to an old oak,
Black as night,
Scales rough but somehow sooth,
And wings made of the finest leather,
He lay there watching me pass.
I began to run,
But then paused when I saw what lay draped over his massive arm.
A woman with long legs and flowing hair.
Her clothes had been stripped from her,
But her skin looked unscathed.
I stopped and looked,
For one does not lay with dragons,
Unless he is seeking death.
The woman had a smile upon her face though,
And her skin still had the pink hue of life.
And perhaps foolishly,
I stepped closer to the beast.
As I did so the beast raised its head,
And watched me with its piercing green eyes.
The woman stirred and I spoke quickly,
Still fearing for her life.
"My lady stay still,
You can have my shirt to cover yourself."
Without a word she sat up,
And put her hand out for my shirt.
The dragon let out a low growl
And stood next to her.
Then with one look to the woman
He flew away,
Blowing the trees as if in a storm.
I watched in amazement as the beast flew into the sun,
And then disappeared within its rays.
"My lady you..."
I began,
But no fair lady with long legs
And flowing hair sat in the grass with me.
I searched around the oak,
I called to her behind rocks and tall grass.
When my search turned to nothing I smiled and remembered,
"One does not lay with dragon's unless he is seeking death."

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