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continued from legacy of nira ep 1 script,the ancestors begin to become nirains

so that must mean your mother was a different race of elven right?

theron nods


yes,though she died at childbirth.i was raised by my tribe untill i decided to adventure the lands.


well,ya seem to be well traveled.

theron smiles


more then you know.but for now lets finish my tale of how the sarmations defeted the huns.

flash of light occurrs as scene 5 ends


begin scene 6

interior inside niras temple.camera pans to entrance as sarmations gather inside and prepares a wall of spearmen near the entrance.camera cuts to main chamber of temple where goddess nira is still dormant in stone.serinah and elven scholars are trying to decypher the writings on the wall.

serenah motions a female elven scholar to come to her


look...it says something about freeing the goddess.its saying only one whom weilds the lifegiver can break the chains to free this goddess.

camera cuts to 3 elves mustered togearther whispering.one of them runs tward arnatule and whispers in his ear.

arnatule gets wide eyed for a moment then nods.


hmm...very well.bring it here but be careful with it.

arnatule walks away temporarily camera cuts to serinah looking confused.

camera cuts to the female elven scholar as she motions for serinah to wait.

arnatule and elves return with a swrod wraped in cloth and rope.

arnatule unwraps the sword as a pure emerald blade is revealed.


fortunately our tribes have kept it as a sacraed artifact.when we first traveled here,one of our keepers found it next to the statue.since then we have kept it safe.

camera cuts tothe exterior of the temple near the foot of the mountain with begining of forest in view.sound effects of an entire army marching and war drums ehco through the forest.camera cuts to wolfclaw as camera views hunic army marching from the forest.wolfclaw runs to the inside of the temple as camera follows him passing through the sarmations as they allow him to pass.

wolfclaw gasps for air as he reports to paroth.

Lord Paroth!they approach!

camera cuts to serinah in shock from this news.


how many?


tens of thousands!its an ocean of blackness!

camera cuts to a pissed off paroth as he takes his helment and slams it on the ground.


Damn those sons of hell!

camera follows helment as it rolls in front of serinah.paroth begins to bark orders at wolfclaw.


paroth and wolfclaw leave camera view as camera zooms in slowly to serinah silently weeping while holding paroths helment.

camera cuts to arnatule as he approaches serinah.paroth kneels down in front of her and holds her shoulder.


you must be strong.if we finish what was started its possible he will be saved.

serina looks up to arnatule and wipes her eyes then quietly nods.

camera cuts to exterior foot of the mountain with the hunic army in view.

camera shows paroth and his calvary unit as they form up in a single line.paroth rides out in front of his men to adress them.

men.we have a very importaint duty as heroes of the steppes.way before our homes were ravaged by war we were feared and respected as the bravest of horsemen to ride the roman plains to the caspin sea.we have lost our will to live because our gods have abandoned us.but i say no.we arent dead,but we are free as man to fight off the evil men whom drive us from our lands!we have a duty to uphold to save our pepole no matter the cost!should that cost be death i would die ten times more to save my kind.my brave men,i ask of a perilus task that may mean our demise,but i ask this so that on this day,our grandchildrens children and theor decendants may tale the tales of the brave 12 horsemen who stood defiant against evil men!should any of you feel it needed to fall back to carry on our burden if we fall,then i commend your choice regardless if you stay or go.those whom are with me, unsheath your blades!

camera pans as each and every sarmation calvary unit unsheaths their swords.

my loyal knights,gaze upon the blackness of the huns,but fear them not.for like any man and army they can be crushed by the power of courage.for each of us there is plenty to kill,and if we die,we die as sarmations!

calvary unit gives a warcry

pray that at least one of us survives and wins this fight,for if our preistess does her duty we may have a new god to praise for defeating these men.we must distract them long enough for her to finish her deed.let it be known that on this day it is they who should fear us,they who should die like cattle,and it is they who remember the word sarmations!RUUUUUS!

calvary unit in unison

togeather we ride into ledgend!Battle formation,ride thrugh their flanks and cluster them!!!!!CHAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGE!!!

camera goes into slow motion as calvary charges tward the hunic army.

camera cuts to volnomus standing alone behind the hunic army.hunic extra called waylon approaches volnomus.

waylon:my lord,it seems as if more men wish to be crushed like flies.

volnomus grins menicingly


ha..delying tactics.the more they send to die the less pepole flee.sound the horn.we defend ourselves while we advance slowly.if they wish death give it to them slowly as a gift from me.


battle formation!
camera cuts to paroths calvary unit plowing through the flank of the hunic army.their attack decimates a hunic archer unit while the sarmation calvray give a warcry.

split scene sequence occurs.in the first screen serinah is inside the temple slamming the lifegiver sword into the chains.in the second screen paroth is charging through the archer unit in a slow mo sequence with bodies flying in the air..camera sequence zooms onto first screen while serinah manages to cut one of the chains.-


i can sence power growing...this must be the way to free her!

serina continues to keep cutting the chains around the godess statue.camera zooms back into split screen sequence as paroth and his men make a second pass,through infintry.one of paroths men get shot off his horse by an arrow as a surviving archer shoots the man off.the man throws a throwing knife.in slow motion it goes right into the hunic archers eye.a hunic infantry man then beheads the sarmation while the sarmation takes the arrow out of him and stabs his attacker with in the throat.camera cuts back to paroths calvary as a hunic warrior with a huge hammer knocks another man off his horse in slow motion,then the camera exits split screen mode.paroth looks back as the hunic warrior smashes the hammer down on the sarmation warriors head.paroth whips out an axe and throws it directly at the back of the mans head,killing him while he was taunting.camera cuts to paroth as his calvary unit is trying to regroup.


tighten the formation! double flank formation!

as the remaining men follow orders a dagger is tossed right for paroth.it misses but kills a sarmation warriot behind him.

dismount calvary! prepare to charge! russ!

calvary charges in as they begin to hop off of their horses and fight bravely.they are completely surrounded.

paroth looks around and smiles



spikes fly out from various areas in the ground,killing several men.a boulder races past the screen smashing into several huns as a sapper waves his arms off in the distance.


attack! the sappers did what they could men,now its up to us!

camera cuts to serinah inside the earth temple.camera shows 3 chains are broken from the statue.

serinahs focused as she thinks to herself


one last chain...this power is immence...no..i must do this for paroth...he may not know it...but i love him!paroth..please be safe long enough to save you...

serinah speaks aloud
free yourself from your binds great one!Yaaaah!

lifegiver sword finally cuts the last chain and a force of light and wind pushes serinah backward.camera shows the statue begin to break.as it breaks a living wolf with dragon wings howls as it shakes off the stones.

Goddess Nira:I...I am freed?

flash of light fills room as wolf with dragon wings shapeshifts into goddess niras human like form.

Goddess Nira:whom has freed me?

serinah:i have great one.

serinah gets up and kneels.the elves gather and kneel behind her.

goddess nira:i sence this one has a request.speak your heart young woman.

serinah:we have freed you to ask for aid in destroying evil men.they have wiped out my pepole and have threatened the elves by us coming here.we seek salvation in exchange for our constaint praise and worship.

godes nira:{tired voice}very well.

goddess nira howls like a wolf and eyes glow green.

camera cuts to battleground in which paroth is fighting alongside 4 of his men.they are outnumbered but the hunic army holds position and continues fighting them 5 vs 5.camera cuts to paroth fighting a hun warrior.paroth slices an arm off while the hunic warrior stabs paroth in the kidney area with a dagger.paroth coughs up blood while decapitating the hunic warrior with his sheild.paroth falls to the ground and watches his men continue to fight and get wounded.paroth slams his fist into the ground.camera cuts to a fracture in the earth opening under parts of the hunic army.camera cuts to paroth looking on in amazement,causing a breif pause in all the fighting.camera cuts to a sarmation warrior killing a hunic warrior then looking at paroth.he extends his hand.camera cuts to boulder that was used earlier and the boulder goes flying.camera folows as it smashes the hunic army ranks in half.

paroth:keep fighting men!!!!!!!push them back!

camera cuts to all five sarmations hitting the ground,causing a massive terraforming spell that sends stone spears plunging through the hunic ranks as well as fractures in the earth and the land swallowing up the enemy army.

volnomus:cursed witchcraft!

waylon approaches volnomus bloodied and limping with blood pouring out of his mouth.

waylon:milord...[cough]there stands the demons of death...we must re-

stone spear goes through waylon and scratches volnomus on the arm and cheek.

volnomus:ARRGH!full retreat!

hunic army flees as paroth and his men cheer and rejoice.paroth falls to his knees.wolfclaw and another sarmation solder pick up paroth and begin walking to the temple.

paroth[weak voice]
tell the men to loot what they can but be quick about it.

yes sir.

-survivors enter interior of temple and fellow sarmations cheer,serinah grabs paroth and tends to his wounds-

-Goddess Nira approaches Serinah and a light flashes as the Goddess shape shifts into an angelic form with green skin,eyes,and wings wearing a golden dress.-

Goddess Nira:this battle to defend your pepole has just begun.you must read the inscriptions and free the other gods i know of if you are to succeed.

Serinah:so where do we begin great one?-nods and looks to the goddess after caressing Paroths cheek as he rests.-

-Godess Nira smiles and moves her blond hair away from her face.-

Goddess Nira:please call me Nira.as for the next god,you need only look to the volcainos for the next god.he is protected by the children of the stone...the dwarves.

-camera zooms in on Arnatuilë as he gathers a shield the life-giver sword and his bow-

Arnatuilë:[confident]then i will partake on this quest.

camera cuts to serinah holding paroth.

Serinah:im coming too..and ill drag paroth with me untill hes better.

Goddess Nira:i would wait for his recovery first.you elves and humans whom freed me,for granting you the edge in battle to defeat the huns,i request that both of your peoples become one half elven race.this new breed of people will be known as Nirains.now,go forth and forge a destiny that can be told for ages to come.

-fades to black,ending music starts,credits roll.-
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