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What lies in her dark and ominous future?
The lonely, sad desert. Not the hot ones in the south, but the cold ones in the north. The snow, sweeping loosely like dust or powder across the empty white world.

         A hand lifts and the girl assesses her paling skin. The wind blows, leaving a trail of goosebumps across her skin. With it, all of her memories fade; the dancing, twirling snow that engulfs her fades all of her past out. The wind roars harder still, stealing the warmth. Chilling her bone through white skin and sore muscles.

         The environment around her screams shouts and has a temper, trying to get the previously stated warning across to the girl. She does not listen to warnings. She heeds in pure ecstasy that she is away from it all. No matter how long she survives, she will not suffer. No one is anywhere close, no house, no shelter, but she feels perfectly at home.

You see, out here in this wilderness of the coldest kind, your past, every past, every present, future-even time itself is completely obliverated in such a place


         This is precisely why she found herself here, in such an unforgiving place. This was the perfect sanctuary for a person like her, with a life that no longer exists.

         Past now forgotten, life, now destroyed, soul burned to ashes, spirit dipped in ink, she became new.

         Dark magic fell upon her.

         Her skin hardened into freezing marble. Her hair, covered in snow, woven with frost. Her heart became a shell of ice and her soul? An inky hollow abyss.

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