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The Riddler, as all may know, is the genius. Not A genius, THE genius.
I, Edward Nigma, have decided to inform you unfortunate, intellectually challenged civilians a little bit about my great self. No, not where I currently am, I couldn't risk the Bat knowing that little piece of information, now could I? Lets get started.

First, I do enjoy working with others. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, I work well with others. At least I think so. Scarecrow was the last person I worked with (and currently still working with) and we just recently broke out of Arkham. (YOU HEAR THAT, BATMAN???) I really like working with him, but I fear he may find me annoying. (Ha ha, I fear, get it?) I actually like to think of me and Jonathan as equals if not him being almost as great a mind as me.

I have worked with the Joker, but he is so annoying. Not serious about his work, always goofing off and slacking during times for importance, and he always manages to ruin my plans. (And my riddles.)
Hey, but Harley Quinn isn't as bad as you think. She's not annoying, she does what she is told, but she can be a bit bouncy and high-strung. And she never shuts up about her "Mistah Jay". But, she is one of my best friends and I will have to over look it.

Poison Ivy. I have not much to say of her, besides she's annoying and I regret ever attempting to try and work with her. She is a narcissist, and only talks about her "precious little babys," and gets on to me every time I even think about stepping on a tiny blade of grass. Really. She on only cares about her plants, and wears hardly any clothes which I find GREATLY disturbing.

At first I despised Harvey Dent, trying to bring "peace" to Gotham, claiming he was the Bat, fooling all of us. He really believed he could "clean the streets" with a few trials and a few words, but none of that would really matter. All the criminals would get out again eventually,and the cycle would start all over again, making everything he would have done pointless. Everything he WOULD have done. If Joker hadn't of gotten to him. Fortunatly, he did, and he became Two-Face, who I like to work with occationally. He is quick and serious with his work, and never leaves any job undone. Actually one of my cell-mates from Arkham I enjoy being with.

So, now you unfortunate souls know my future co-workers, have a hay-day. But solve this riddle while your at it, It walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening. What is it?


AN: So I'm new here. (DUHHUR) This is my first story, (Well it's not much of a story but you get the point) and I will have a real story posted soon. Anyone who solves the riddle, I LOVE YOU AND YOU GET A COOKIE. (And it's from the Arkham Asylum Riddler interview, so it's kind of obvious...) Well, I hope you enjoy this, bye~!

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