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christmas horror story
The partridge in the pear tree

Chapter one

At the end of the town called kissing vile falls stands a lonely farmhouse owned by a man called George brown.
He lives there with his wife and two children and their pet tabby cat, who was very lazy indeed
never catching the mice, always lying by the fire never doing much what’s so ever
Out the back of the house is a really big garden.
In the middle of the back garden stands a large pear tree surrounded by flowerbeds and greenest grass you ever did see
because Mr brown loves gardening and keeping it nice.
Especially tending and watering the tree that he’s very proud off.
so that every summer it grows the lovely pears you have ever tasted.
They are so juicy and firm that lots and lots of people from the town come to his door to purchase them.
So he does not mind cause it makes him a bit of money to help pay the mortgage.
One spring as Mr brown was looking out of window at the blossom on the tree he sees a partridge land in its branches
“That’s strange,” he thought still looking out the window “no birds ever come to the tree, only in the summer,” “even that’s rare”.
As Mr brown was watching the partridge looking for place to nest, the cat jumped onto the windowsill
rubbing its body on the man’s arm.
As the cat walks back and forward’s he spots the partridge from the window fly to ground to pick up some sticks of the floor, and fly back to the branch to make her nest
After seeing the fat bird fly back down the cat licks his lips and jumps down from the windowsill and runs through the open back door that Mrs brown has left open after pegging her washing out.
Once outside the cat crawls across the grass, keeping an eye on the partridge still wandering around picking sticks and grass for its nest
As Mr brown is watching this, he calls to wife who has just sat down in her favourite chair
“Quickly” shouts Mr brown “otherwise you will miss it” still watching the cat trying to get close to the bird.
Mrs brown gets off her chair and makes her way to where her husband is standing.
After a few minutes looking out of the window, Mrs brown asks what is she looking for
“Where what am supposed to be looking at?” she utters
“There” said Mr brown pointing to the tree “that stupid cat is after the bird”
Mrs brown looks a bit closer and sees the partridge still picking up sticks and the cat getting closer to it
“Quickly” shouts Mrs brown “we have to stop it killing the bird”
As mrs brown tries move to door to stop the cat.
Mr brown stops her by putting his hand over her mouth and tells her to be quiet.
“That cat is lazy,” he said laughing, “hopefully this should get her moving”
As they both watched the cat move even closer to the partridge still picking up the sticks of the ground.
The cat saw its opportunity to grab the bird.
But the partridge quickly turns sees the cat and fly’s back up the tree
dropping the sticks in its beak.
“dam it,” shouted mr brown and he moves back from the window and sits down in his favourite chair.
After a few months, mr brown followed by the cat walks up to the pear tree and stands below its branches.
After a few minutes of listening, he hears the sound of chirping chicks yelling to their mother for some food.
Mr brown looked down at the cat looking up at the nest “do you here that fella” he said
“our old partridge has become a mother, how about that”
the cat just responds by licking its lips.
So mr brown walks back to house and picks his binoculars up out of the kitchen drawer and made his way to his bedroom and looked through them out of the window.
Mrs brown lying on the bed asks him what he was doing
“that silly old partridge” he replied “has become a mother and I want to find out how many there
Mrs brown got of the bed and joined her husband at the window
“how many do you see” she asked?
Mr brown looked all around the nest “I can see four” he replied
“but I cannot see the mother, she must looking for food.”
As he was looking for the mother partridge one of the baby partridges
jumped up on the side of the nest and started to walk very shakily around it.
“There she is” said mr brown “she nearing the nest now” “oh no” he gasped.
“What” said Mrs brown getting impatient trying to grab the binoculars out of husband’s hands.
“One of the chicks is out its nest” he replied “and the cat below it, and has spotted what it is doing.”
So mr brown quickly throws open the window and started throwing things at the cat
but it was two late the baby partridge fell to floor and the cat grabbed it and ran off with it
near the bushes.
Mr brown put his head in his hands and shuts the window.
“What’s the matter?” asked Mrs brown looking at her husband’s sad face.
He puts his hands from his face and looks at his wife.
“the cat killed the baby partridge” he replied “now there’s only three”.
When the mother partridge gets back to its nest and saw there’s was only three chicks.
She frantically looks around but can not find it so she sat down very upset and settled back to her nest
and chicks.
After a while she saw the cat eating something and noticed it was her baby chick.
Her eyes turned red with anger and flew off from the nest in a hurry.
After the cat had finished of his meal he wandered back to the tree and sat down hopefully
waiting for another one to fall.
An hour later mr brown was in the living room, reading his newspaper, when he heard the most horrifying noise outside and a cat screaming for its life.
“What on earth was that?” shouted Mrs brown
“I don’t know,” said her husband “I never heard anything like it in my life” and he got of his chair and they both ran to the window.
When they both looked out the window, they saw blood all over the garden and strange feathers all a round the garden.
“I wonder what caused that,” said mr brown, then he saw the body of the cat lying in heap below the tree.
When they looked closer they saw it had deep holes all over the cats body gushing with blood.
Mrs brown fainted to the floor as mr brown looked out of the window in horror.
Out in the garden the cat lay dying from its wounds, manage to raise its head, and see the partridge with red eyes smiling at him with the cats tongue in its mouth ready to feed her chicks.
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