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Do you believe your senses?

      Nothing is silent. But, the universe is a noisy place.
      Everything has vibration: harmonics is the term in physics.
      Atoms are joined together by protons and all of these electrons
      have a harmonic union. This is the music of life.
      Aden knew that if a radioactive particle had a high enough vibration
      it could cut through anything even Zeus. He had successfully driven
      off Raven, a Witch with the CIA, by magnetizing an iron knife.
      Mount Olympus attracts lightning, because of its large deposits of
      iron ore. These iron deposits are magnetized by the lightning strikes
      much like a lightning rod. The magnetized iron in the knife that Aden
      struck Raven with had scattered the nanobots in her body, causing
      her to vanish.

      Zeus would not be easily disintegrated. His molecular structure was
      far denser. Aden had disabled the God with a 45cal shot to the head,
      the still survived without its brains. Aden explored his lab technician's
      knowledge of fusion at the FBI lab.

              "Jeeze! You'd need a pretty big tuning fork to shatter somebody's
              atoms. I think the navy has a rail gun, but it's still experimental.
              Maybe, you could perform an exorcism?" Abby giggled and nibbled
              her soda straw.

    Aden sighed and looked out and up from the basement window of the lab.
    A young lady was licking an ice cream cone. She had a magnificent butt.
    She was wearing black tights and a red plaid jacket.

            "Ah? Earth to Aden! The world is on the verge of enslavement !
            Get your mind out of that butt!" Abby scowled.

            "Maybe the answer is to smother him?" Aden smirked.

            "What?" Abby shook her head like a puppy.

            "A damping field of positronic particles might slow down his
            reflexes and open up another head shot." Aden took a sip of Abby's soda.

            "You ogle a girls derriere and come up with Heavy Metal?" Abby was stern.

            "I believe Iron Maiden"s Madness might break the nanobot force field.
            It has the right pitch and it's an awesome distraction." Aden took a
            lick of some ice cream he had found in Abby's fridge.

            "You know Abby if a girl doesn't want guys to look at her butt she
            should wear a serape with a veil." Aden licked his spoon.

    All that was needed now was to get Zeus to listen to Iron Maiden.

    to be continued....
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