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Links to most of my stories since I can't post them all here.
Due to limitations on portfolio items and text, I can't upload all my stories here to Writing.com. I'm not going to pay money to do so, therefore here is the alternative. I will update this item with new links whenever I write a new story. Happy reading~

Name: The Making of the Best Sukiyaki
Anime: Blue Exorcist
Content: shrinking, non-fatal butt crushing, farting, foodplay, soft vore, digestion
Synopsis: Renzo Shima upsets the King of Flies, Beelzebub, and gets shrunken to the size of an insect. Will his friend and half-demon, Rin Okumura, offer salvation or…?

Name: Demons Love Camping
Anime: N/A
Content: shrinking, foot crushing, soft vore, digestion, gore
Synopsis: It’s normal for a group of three friends to enjoy camping. Malum Aurum, a young demonboy, also enjoys it…for all the wrong reasons.

Name: Going too Far
Anime: Naruto, but with original characters
Content: shrinking, non-fatal crushing, soft vore
Synopsis: Sakumo Uchiha, son of Sasuke Uchiha, returns to Konoha to find his reputation ruined. The perpetrator is Minato Uzumaki, son of Naruto Uzumaki. Did the young Uzumaki go too far with his prank, or is Sakumo going too far with his revenge?

Name: The Weak and the Strong
Anime: Soul Eater
Content: shrinking, unaware, foodplay, soft vore, foot crushing
Synopsis: What do you get when you have a weak meister like Lars end up in the home of a strong one like Black Star? What if he was also shrunken? You get this story.

Name: Little Bon Problems
Anime: Blue Exorcist
Content: shrinking, footplay, armpits, soft vore
Synopsis: Rin and Bon are sent into the forest to hunt down a seemingly dangerous demon. The demon is quickly taken care of, but when Bon shrinks the true danger may lie in his own comrade…

Name: From Sunshine to Rain
Anime: Katekyō Hitman Reborn!
Content: shrinking, unaware, soft vore, foot crushing, butt crushing
Synopsis: It’s a hot day; Tsuna and two of his Guardians are stuck at home waiting for their friend Yamamoto. Just before he arrives, the trio shrinks. Can Tsuna, Gokudera, and Ryohei get the giant jock’s attention, or will Yamamoto unknowingly bring an abrupt end to the 10th Vongola Famiglia?

Name: A Fatal Injury
Anime: N/A
Content: growing, soft vore, hard vore, gore, foot crushing
Synopsis: Four friends discover a strange-looking young man asleep in an alleyway. One of them is injured, but he may be the lucky one…

Name: Gray the Great
Anime: Fairy Tail
Content: growing, soft vore, foot crush, destruction, muscle growth
Synopsis: After getting into another fight with his rival, Natsu Dragneel, Gray comes across a strange candy that turns him into a mighty giant. However, even with this growth spurt, taking down Natsu won’t be easy.

Name: Misfortune
Anime: Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, but with furries
Content: shrinking, unaware, foodplay, soft vore, pawplay, digestion
Synopsis: Gen loves Yamamoto, Matt hates him. After both shrink during a visit to a Chinese restaurant, only one opinion matters: Yamamoto loves to eat.

Name: White and Hot
Anime: Fairy Tail
Content: shrinking, unaware, soft vore, cock vore, feet, bath scene
Synopsis: Romeo is kidnapped and shrunken by someone, but his true target is Natsu! When the Fire Dragon Slayer goes to rescue his guildmate and gets shrunken too, everything can only go downhill from there.

Name: What Happens in Death Vegas...
Anime: Soul Eater
Content: shrinking, microscopic tinies, crushing, butt crush, farting, vore, digestion, dark/depressing themes, foodplay, unaware, scat, watersports
Synopsis: Eight freshman have taken a field trip to Death City, but over a course of unfortunate events find themselves shrunken to the size of termites. Can they get help from Death City's two stars, Soul Eater and Black Star, or will this field trip have a really shitty end?

Name: The Life Seal
Anime: Naruto
Content: shrinking, foot crushing, hand crushing, butt crushing, foot worship, reformation, farting, blood/gore, sexual content, watersports, tongueplay, mouthplay, shower scene
Synopsis: Sasuke shrinks himself to spy on Naruto in his own home. However, things quickly go south when Naruto discovers the tiny intruder and decides to punish him for his past deeds. Bound with a powerful Sealing Jutsu and against the strength of Naruto’s Sage Mode…what will be Sasuke’s ultimate fate?

Name: A Team Sticks Together
Anime: N/A
Content: shrinking, foot crushing, butt crushing, blood/gore, sexual content, anal vore, cock vore, unaware, oral vore
Synopsis: Six teenage swimmers shrink just before morning practice. Will their unaware teammate notice them, or is the swim team no place for a bunch of tiny insects?

Name: The Truth is Always Furrier
Anime: Fairy Tail
Content: growing, oral vore, furry dragon pred, pawplay
Synopsis: Natsu accepts a job that takes him to the faraway country of Albero. He thinks the trip will bring him face-to-face with a dragon, but the truth is a lot...furrier.

Name: Revenge Best Served Cold
Anime: N/A
Content: shrinking, furries, pawplay, foodplay, soft oral vore
Synopsis: Leon plays a prank on Hati and must pay the price~ What does the icy white wolf have in store for the poor fox?

Name: Seven Days, Seven Giants
Anime: N/A
Content: underage micro, shrinking, growing, vore, crushing, and much more
Synopsis: Dimitri is a young boy with a terrible curse. Follow him through a week in his life as he tackles one giant after the other.
http://darklord665.deviantart.com/art/Seven-Days-Seven-Giants-Chapter-1-43750436... (Chapter 1)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13246026/ (Chapter 1)
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