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If gravity defines Einstein's Relativity...
          "The constitution prohibits atheist from becoming President~
          'We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created
          equal under God.' The newly elected President is sworn into office
          by placing his right hand on a Bible. It is clear a belief in God is
          what governs civilization." Zeus spoke to a Federal agent in
          a grey interrogation room.

          "And your God?" the agent flip through the file on Zeus.
          "You've got some nanobots inside you. Are they Angels?"
          the agent continued. Zeus smiled, "What would you except as
          proof? Do you worship force?" The room vanished .. The agent and
          Zeus remained seated at the metal table, but they were on the Moon.
          The agent reached over and picked up some Moon dust and let it
          sift out on the table. In an wink of an eye, they returned to the
          interrogation room. The dust was still on the table.

          The agent took a gulp of his Starbuck coffee. Zeus laughed.
          "W-why not just take what you want?" the federal agent stuttered.
          "I want your faith. It is not enough to create sentient life.
          I must be worshiped and loved." Zeus shed a single tear.
          The tear drop landed on the Moon dust and a fetus formed.
          "Jesus!" the agent jumped back out of his chair dropping his coffee.
          "Life comes from God." Zeus answered.

          A Moon Child rose up on the table. She was pale and hairless and grey.
          Her eyes were as black as shimmering opals.
          "Do not be afraid. Did not Jesus come into the world from a union with
          a God?" the Moon Child spoke .. Her voice was as soft as rustling leaves.
          "I'm a Hindu!" agent Devan replied.
          Zeus stood up and his laughter shook the room.
          "Have you a favorite Deity?" the God of all God's asked.
          "Ganesha. God of success." Devan gulped what was left of his coffee.

          The Moon Child kissed her Father and God passionately.
          "I will tell you the secret to the universe." she whispered into Devan's
          left ear. Devan's eyes widened, "Gravity is eternal?!"
          "Of course! Do you think something can come from nothing?!"
          Zeus voice was like thunder.. "The uncertainty principle, chaos."
          Devan said and felt dizzy, sitting back down in his metal chair.

          The pale woman floated over the floor, pointing her feet downward and raising
          her palms upward. "What is and what will be has been, just as the pedals
          of the lotus flower open and close so does the universe fold in upon itself."
          Her words echoed as if they were spoken from a distance across a

          "You asked if I would take what is already mine.
          I am a jealous God and will have no other Gods before me!
          Those who will not worship me will be tormented in Hades until they
          submit !" Zeus commandment ripped off the ceiling with a crack of lightning.
          "I have unfinished business with Aden." the God of Olympus roared
          and flew up into the blackened sky.

          to be continued.. ..




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