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Beware the blond haired boy...
"Hello," came the small, mousy voice.

The boy stood just feet away, unmoving. A mop of blonde hair covered his head and his alabaster skin reminded her of the moon on a clear night, pale and bright. He wore a long, oversized coat that hung almost to his scrawny knees in a dull, mottle green colour. All of these facts together were odd, but there was something else she could not quite put her finger on that made her skin crawl. t took several minutes to realise what unnerved her so much about the ten year old child; his eyes were as black as night and as dead as a corpse six feet under.

He stood alone in the garden on the chilly night yet he seemed nothing but confident. Karen felt unable to speak, her lips clamped tightly shut, feet verging on the reaction of flight. She watched him, took in his thin form. All the while he stared at her, still and silent.

"I said hello," he repeated, his fair voice carrying across the windless night.

"W... who are you?" she asked, not able to return his greeting. She heard her voice shake. In her right hand she tightly clutched her keys, ready to bolt or fight if she needed to.

"I need your help," he said simply. Not a hint of emotion was betrayed on his face. She stared at his pasty white skin, his flawless complexion. His lips were a pale pink, bloodless.

"I... I can't help you," she stammered. Her heart thumped in her chest as she took a step backward, eyes never leaving the boy.

"Please," he pleaded, still not moving. "I need to use your phone."

"I... you... no." The words were forced from her dry mouth. He's a kid, he needs your help! Her mind screamed at her, yet still, there was something wrong with him. Something not right about the child that stood in front of her. She felt a chill that emanted from his form, calculating, penetrating her down to the very core. She thought she'd never be warm again.

"Please." He took a step forward, a slow and deliberate movement.

Karen's heart sped up a notch, cranking against her rib cage. She took another two steps backward. Still he stared at her, his dark eyes burning into her soul.

Then, as if something snapped, the boy's mouth opened in an ugly snarl that displayed row upon row of ugly sharp teeth. Karen's jaw dropped and the breath caught in her throat as if something had winded her. Mouth wide, the snarl changed into a hideous, high pitched shriek that invaded her ears and rattled her brain. She had to get away. Turning with a quick jolt, she sprinted the remaining distance to her flat expecting to hear those tiny feet chasing her. Instead, all she could hear was the scream filling the night air, clogging up her every cell. She reached the door, fumbled with the keys and dropped them.

"Shit!" she cursed her stupidity before stooping and grabbing them once more. This time she had more lock and, with shaking hands, she managed to slide the key into the lock and thrust herself forward, slammng the door shut behind her with a tremendous thud. It shook in the frame. She slid the lock back into place before scrabbling backwards on her rear end, scooting along the floor. She could still hear the grotesque noise coming from outside.

What the Hell was that?
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