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The space program is a hoax +

      "Neanderthals are a distant cousin of Homo Erectus !" Doctor Rene
    spoke passionately about Darwinian theory.

        "Will you just consider the possibility that these aliens visited Earth
    before? That would explain the instantaneous jumps in evolution.
    Imagine how simple shepards would react to spaceships. They'd fall
    down on their knees and worship them." Abby was a fervent UFOologist.

    Aden sipped his Starbucks coffee, "You might also consider that Zeus
    is standing behind you." Aden remained seated in Abby's basement lab.
    The room grew dark and filled with stars. The small group appeared to be
    floating in outer space. "This is so cool!" Abby giggled and then looked
    nervously at the Earth rising behind the Moon.

    "It is very cool. There is no warmth in space, no comfort of a resting place
    there is only the everlasting pull of gravity." Zeus spoke and raised his right
    hand to grasp the Moon. Here is the child of GIA, ripped from her side.
    Have you ever wondered why NASA has not returned to the Moon?"
    Aden tried to speak, but he could not steady himself. He and his friends
    floated about at the mercy of Zeus juggling.

    "It is our base of observation and experimentation . We are Vegans.
    Our solar system is unstable and bombarded with metorites and solar
    radiation. You are our children." The Moon Child spoke, moving in and out
    of sight.

                        "Jesus is my Savior!" Aden shouted.

    The group reappeared in Abby's lab. "It would seem you know the magic
    words. My dear boy." Doctor Rene remarked. Abby hugged Aden and Rene
    close together. Raven materialized in the center of the room with a brilliant
    particles of reassembling atoms. She was not alone.. . A tall bronze man
    with black hair and a beard stood with her. He was wearing a grey suite
    with a silver blue tie and brown shoes.

                        "Let me guess. Jesus? Right?" Abby said, gritting her teeth.

    "I am known as Joshua. Aden has called on me. But, I am not Vegan.
    I am Atlantean. My people traveled to your planet after the Vegans and
    took refuge in the sea." Jesus explained and showed his gills that were
    hidden under his long hair. Aden fell to his knees, "How am I to know
    what is true?"

    Jesus helped Aden back up, "Know the good shepard by his deeds."
    Aden embraced the Atlantean, "You will protect us from evil?"
    Jesus smiled, "I will bring back the kingdom of God."
    Aden worried that his freedom was at stake, but could not think of way
    to escape.

    to be continued.. ..
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