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by Priani
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With birth comes wonder,with power responsibilities
An affair that started in one hot afternoon in the year 2005, came to a beautiful rest in the year 2012. What a glorious seven years old affair! One that brings to memories such intense and love filled memories. When Stephanie Meyers wrote her Twilight saga, little did she knew how her creation would effect the life of a 25 yrs old who would accidently embark on a journey with her characters one day while surfing the internet. I remember the first time I laid my eyes on the first e-book of Twilight. It was a Saturday, my week off. I was lazily browsing the inter net over a bowl of noodles, trying to find something naughty to read online, when I stumbled upon this beautiful novel. What started as a curiosity turned into love and gradually fanatism as I travelled with Bella into Forks,swayed with her in Edward’s arms, developed a warm and lifelong friendship with Jacob and embarked on a journey of self discovery.

Forever took a total different connotation when human Bella married a 104 yrs old vampire Edward. What made this movie a wonderful experience for me was the values it imbibed. Forget the supernatural part, here is a movie about friendship, about family, about refusing to let go your loved ones at the time of peril, stand up against the orthodox. “When you are immortal who do you live for”- when you have power and can have the world at your feet do you stand up for people who first took you in when you were vulnerable?
As a core romantic, my affair with the novel reached its salvation with this movie. Stephanie Meyer’s vampires are not the usual larger than life and power hungry loners. And the characters do justice to their roles. They are not over-the-board with their skills but are much livelier compared to the other parts. Breaking Dawn Part II- the final part in the Twilight series revolves around the birth of Rennesmee,the half human half vampire biological child of Edward and Bella and Bella’s rebirth as a Vampire, following a gory birth scene. Simultaneously as Jacob imprints on Renessmee, he begins to see her as the sun of his life. Now the Renessme we see on screen looks half human as well. We are not sure whether it was a real baby or not. The end result was not much to talk about. It would have been wise to skip the visual effects. Frankly, Kristen Stewart looked better in this movie. As if immortality really “became” her. Her acting was more vibrant compared to the previous ones where she barely opened her eyes! Pattinson and Lautner looked as if they were asked to act on a gun point. Both equally morose and boring. The real treat was Michael Sheen as Aro, who can read all the thoughts and memories a person has ever had with a single touch. The book reads him as a curious vampire with a child- like forbearance towards possibilities. In the movie, Sheen corroborates the theory with a single chuckle and blurts out” the strange heart!” about Reneesmee’s half immortal incredibly fast beating heart. He is unscrupulous and deliciously evil in his make-up and a treat to watch.
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