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A story of faith
A man lost his wife with the plague at its worst
She died in the night while she slept
Everything was burned the very next morning
Except for the feather that he kept

The feather was found on the bed where she lay
Lost from her down pillow's tear
They told him the feather had come from a goose
But he knew that an angel was there

He carried that feather all through the town
Showing it to anyone who'd look
He'd tell them the story about the angel who came
And his wife was the one that they took

Again, they told him that it came from a goose
But it was something he wouldn't believe
So they finally decided they'd leave him alone
For they thought that he needed to grieve

He carried that feather for the rest of his life
'Til one day they found the man dead
He died in his sleep with the feather in his hand
With another one found on his bed
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