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Think about it, we all talk to ourselves in our head. Like there's more than one of us.
By: Nicholas Admiral

I made a title just because I like the way it looks, rather then adding words and letters right off the bat. Anyways:

You talk to yourself in your head, when thinking, creating, talking, well, while doing anything and everything. But if we are just one person, how can we talk to ourselves? Like there's two of us inside one body. People ask, "how can you live with yourself?". And if you think about it, it's quite the odd question. There is just one of us, why should it be a problem to live with yourself since it is you anyways?

But then you talk to yourself about it. You're not saying it out loud so obviously you aren't crazy. But the voice is still there. Your voice. Your conscience. Debating over ideas, replaying what you did during the day and what you could of done to make it better. The voice doesn't make you crazy because it's yours, and there's just one. But if you talked to it out loud, or the voices were other people's voices, then you must be crazy. Stereotypes.

I'm not typing this because I just realized it or anything, I'm just seeing if people don't realize it. Or think I'm crazy for typing it up, but it doesn't make me crazy if almost every human is the same way. I know other authors and smart minds have written about it, published their work or put it on the internet, but not everyone knows how odd the phrase, "living with yourself" really is. Because really, there should only be one... thing inside our heads. But there's two. Me, myself, and I. (That's three, I know.)

What if the voice wasn't yours?
What if there was more voices?
What if that voice makes your decisions and your just go along with them?
What if?

On another note, me and my friends make a lot of videos and put them on the internet. I want to do one (either serious, or comedic) about the voice being someone else, and that person is only visible to them. (Done in many, many TV shows and movies, I know, I know). But not in this context. I think it'd be interesting.
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