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Is Candice capable of keeping herself from going to the school for disabled kid's?
Chapter 2

         Something knocked the side of her head causing her to groan. Opening her eyes she finds herself staring into the light green eyes of Caleb.
         “What?” He raises his eyebrows.
“Ms. Crow asked me to wake you,” Candice yawns but starts to get up. She pulls away her covers and stands slowly. Caleb turns to go but is stopped when Candice asks,
“What’d you poke me with?” He looks at her confused, “It hurt!” He just smiles and lifts a finger. Caleb turns away again and leaves. Candice stretches and heads to the laundry machines to dress. A couple of girls are left throwing on a shirt as Candice comes in. They all hurry out leaving Candice alone to get ready. Candice puts on her faded blue shirt, faded blue jeans, and leaves. Before she heads out for school though she grabs her notebook. She runs quick across the street and then follows the sidewalk to her school. She feels happy enough to fly but can’t tell why. She reaches her classroom as the bell rings. She sits in her seat all the way in the back of the class. Opening her notebook she reads over it, again and again throughout math class. First hour ends and she heads to her next with a stupid grin on her face. In social studies Candice stairs off into space thinking of how she would like to write the rest of her essay. Science comes and ends, Candice still off in another world with no problems. She becomes more and more enveloped in this world as they day flies by until her perfect world is popped by Mrs. Kinley. The last hour of the day was english and Candice entered and made her way to the back of the class. Mrs. Kinley followed her back and said, “I’ve scheduled a meeting for after school today I would like you to come,” Candice raises her eyebrows and says,
“You would like me to come, it seems more of an order,” She scowls.
“Well you may think whatever you would like Candice,” Mrs. Kinley turns on her heel leaving Candice frowning. The whole class period Candice refuses to work on the essay from the day before. End of class comes but Candice stays in her chair, once all the kids had filtered out an old looking woman comes in.
“The counselor.” Candice assumes. The counselor had short curly hair, giant glasses, and a thin pointy nose like some ancient painting.  “You’re Candice right,” the old lady says in a squeaky sweet voice and sits beside her. Candice lifts her eyebrows in a way that mimics annoyance and she says, “Duh,” The counselors face turns stony as Mrs. Kinley walks in. Standing the counselor walks to the teacher and whispers. Candice plays puppet’s with her hands and makes them chatter away. Both turn to her and scowl at her performance.
“This is what she does all day, she would be better off somewhere other than here. Do you agree?”
“Yes,” the counselor agrees. "Does she have a disability?”
“Yes it’s a new disability young children have been born with. I don’t know the details. There’s a new school specially for them. We should try to get her there,”
“It’ll be better for her,”
“So I’m going to that school. The one for idiots like me. I will never see the orphanage again, I will be forced to live in the dreadful place,” she thinks to herself. The teacher said she’d talk to the manager of the orphanage for her. Mrs. Kinley wanted to get it done as soon as possible so she drove her home. The entire ride was silent. She just stared out the car window and ignored her teacher. They arrived at the orphanage and she left without thanking her. Mrs. Kinley followed her in and stopped at the front desk. Candice left Mrs. Kinley and turned the corner once up the stairs. Before she reaches the room though she stops. Becky came out to listen too, probably hoping she was in trouble but she didn’t care.”
“Are you the manager?” Mrs.Kinley asks.
“Yes who are you.”
“Candice’s teacher for english,”
“What is it?”
“She has the unknown disability right?” the manager nods. “She is failing all her classes, I think it would be best if she went to “the school.”
“I couldn’t agree more. How would we get her there?”
“She could live there and it is free.”
“I want her to go there, could you arrange it?”
“Well the manager was quick to agree, looks like everyone wants me gone.” candice thinks with a sigh and walks into the room.
“So you’re getting out of here?” asks Becky. Everyone in the room goes quiet as she nods quietly;  more to herself than the others.
“Where you going?” a round faced big eyed Brian asks.
“A new school,” she replied knowing it wasn’t just another school.
“No, it’s a school for dummies,” Becky says smirking. Candice looks down and says nothing.
“Shut up Becky,” Caleb says suddenly. Becky’s eyes widen considerably and Candice looks up fast. Candice turns pink and looks down again. For the rest of the time Candice was in the room everyone was silent. The manager peers in and everyone heads for their beds. Before Candice gets in bed though the managers voice calls her. Candice scowls but walks over to the door.
“I need to speak with you,” Candice crosses her arms and rolls her eyes as she follows her out.
“Are you aware of your situation?” the manager asks. Candice nods silently. “Well then I’m sure you know you’ll be leaving here forever?” Candice’s jaw tightens but she stays mouth closed. “You have two days to pack,”
“Kay is that all you wanted to tell me,” Candice asks eyebrows raised. The green eyed woman nods and Candice turns on her heel to leave. She makes it to the door but stops before she opens it. Candice out of view of the manager stands there eyes closed. She turns and rests against the wall. Once she calms herself she enters the room. A few look up but they close their eyes when they see her. Candice reaches her bed and flops down on it. “I didn’t know things could change so quickly. One moment I live in Roanock orphanage and go to Glen Junior High and the next I’m about to be shipped off to a school for idiots. I wonder if they’ve discovered anything on the new disability? Maybe it’s curable.” Candice thinks with a deep yawn. She closes her eyes and moments later she’s asleep.
Not long after she was asleep she was woken. She rubbed the fog out of her eyes and sat up. It was still early but she knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, so she continued to sit there. After a few moments she remembers her paper. She pulls it out of her folder and reads it to herself. She rereads it and then starts writing.
“I would die young, a single snow flake in the night. It was a quiet night with no carolers. Sirens were getting louder and they hurt my ears. Suddenly in the silent night voices began.
“The snow covered any footsteps,” I could hear.
“They can’t have gone far they have a child remember.” I tried with all my might to make a noise but nothing would come out. A small tear slithered down my face and froze halfway down my neck I continued to try but this time a little different.. I closed my eyes and moved my lips to the song my mother had sang. and sound came.
“Bury me in the snow
little angels sing real low
bury me so I can see all the things you want for me
give me rest give me hope
give it all to the childrens angels and me
I believe this is hope
cause I know you’ll come for me
and when you do I promise you I will love you for always
and you forever me” I repeated this again and again. Though my lips sang the song, all I could think about was the peoples voices and footsteps coming closer and closer.
“Do you hear that? Someone's singing.” The others nod.
“Maybe  it’s the mother and her child. Hurry!” The footsteps quicken and I keep singing. Suddenly the footsteps stop.
“Who is that?” They reach me and someone leans over me. I keep singing though as if afraid to stop and be forgotten.
“Call a medic!”
“They’re on their way!” I’m being lifted now, I know I am, even with my eyes sealed shut. The warmth I was so desperate for a while ago began to circulate. My clothes were covered in snow and I felt it being brushed away. My clothes were stiff and I’m positive I had started turning blue. Louder sirens than the first came and I wished I could block the noise from my ears. I feel strapped down but I don’t care. Everything seems so far away yet I know it’s within reach. I’m rushed into an all white room and can only make out a bunch of blurs bustling around me.The room is on fire, I feel so cold yet so hot all at once. My defrosting clothes are removed and different ones replace them.
“Candice, hey Candice,” She looks up startled but then realizes it’s time for school. She gets up and heads to change.
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