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Rated: 18+ · Interview · Psychology · #1907606
Human action is of an object related nature..
          "I never realized I had such strong lesbian or exhibitionist tendencies.
          But, when I went to a job interview about three years ago, the lady who
          interviewed me conducted our discussion in a small conference room
          that only included two chairs. She had long slender legs and her skirt was
          short enough to see her blue panties. For some reason her demeanor
          led me to want to be as sexy as my interviewer. I cross my legs and
          often spread my knees to display my nude panty hose.

          The interview went well. She enjoyed my humor and thought I would
          make an excellent addition to the company. Although we never touched,
          I haven't stopped fantasizing about women. My husband has taped me
          having sex with women I have picked up at lesbian bars. I like to show
          off my legs and skimpy panties bending over, squatting while wearing
          short dresses in public. I guess I enjoy the attention, especially from other

          Believe me. I never thought I could be so bold. My husband suggested
          peeing in my panties in public, while he taped me. I sat on a bench in a
          park and gushed allover my nude panty hose. I was wearing a short skirt.
          A passerby, offered me his coat. My husband came out of hiding and
          ushered me away. The adrenaline high was better than sex.
          I've been peeing in public often just to relish the reactions. But, it's never

          That's why I'd like to buy you for sex.  I know it's crazy.
          But I'm very attracted to you. My husband has condoms and will be taping
          us. He would like to join in on our girl on girl .. Okay?"

          Comment: It is only in a democratic society that people can refuse to
                          allow their government to institute censorship.

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