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Wendy had agreed to give one night of Pleasure to Mr. Manning
The Watcher

Wendy entered the room following Mr. Matthew Manning with her head down, she couldn’t believe she was doing this, she told herself it was okay there wasn’t any touching involved. She still felt like a whore no matter what she told herself. She was plain but pretty with shoulder length blonde hair and wide sparking blue eyes. She was of average height at 5’5 and had and slender athletic build.

Mr. Matthew Manning was the president of the bank he had seen her in the bank trying to delay the inevitable foreclosure of her house.  He was tall and handsome with a square jaw, brown hair, and grey eyes. He would watch her every time she came in always leaving in tears. He finally decided it was time, he offered to pay off her house for one night. He wanted one night to control her, one night to watch.

Wendy entered the room; he called it the pleasure room. There was a large bed in the middle it was covered with black leather, there were pillows scattered all over the bed of red satin. On tables there were all kinds of scary devices whips, sex toys, strange benches, and stools around the very large scary room.

“I will sit here Wendy.”  He indicated a very comfortable looking chair something that looked like it belonged in a throne room of a king. “I will not touch you I will watch and control what you do.”

“Yes, Mr. Manning.” Wendy murmured afraid to look him in the eye. She felt her hart starting to race, was it fear was it anticipation?

“Good girl, now go sit on the bed.”

Wendy walked over to the bed she could feel him watching her as she sat. He brought the chair closer to the bed and took off his jacked settling in.

“Please remove your clothing Wendy, slowly.” He breathed heavily.

Wendy looked down at her dress she wore; it was a plain black dress with a low neckline. She was uncertain what she should wear. What did someone wear to sell their body to save their house? She was only 20 years old and still a virgin, she had dates but nothing went further than a kiss. And here she was getting ready to sell her body to a stranger so she could keep her house; it was the only thing she was left with when her parents died in a car accident one year earlier. Wendy took off her shoes one at a time slowly as he instructed. She then took off her thigh high pantyhose rolling them down her legs.

Mr. Manning was sitting in his chair wanting Wendy, as she took off her panty hose, her smooth pale legs. His cock became instantly hard, he felt his length beneath his pants. He moaned as she stood up from the bed.

Wendy stood up and unzipped the dress taking off the straps from her shoulders one at a time. She slowly allowed the dress to drop to the floor pooling at her feet. She stood in front of Mr. Manning in a nothing but a pair of lace panties and matching bra.

“Stop!” Mr. Manning commanded, he wanted to just take in the sight of her. “Turn around.” He ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Manning.” Wendy turned around facing the bed with her back toward him.

“Now unhook your bra and take off your panties.”

She did as he asked taking off her bra and panties. She stood there naked she felt strange, like an excitement go through her body settling in her pussy.

This couldn’t be there was no way I could be getting turned on from this. No way!

“Turn around.”

Wendy slowly turned around. Her nipples stood upright at the coolness of the room. She finally dare to look up at him, he was now shirtless. He had a very muscular build and tawny skin. She stared at him as he stroked himself. She felt herself getting moist between her legs, a slight moan escaped her lips.

“What am I doing get a grip Wendy.

“Get on the bed, and lay down.” Mr. Manning directed.

Wendy crawled on the bed on her back, she was wet with desire but she was scared, what if he didn’t keep his hands off like he promised?

“Put your legs up and spread them; I want to see your pussy.”

She did as he asked, laying on her back with her legs apart. He got up from his chair and sat at the end of the bed, he was careful not to touch her. “Pick up that vibrator and use it”. He instructed indicating the vibrator on the table next to her. She picked it up spreading her folds she turned it on and began penetrating herself she started slowly gradually increasing speed.

“I want you to touch your tits.” He moaned as he continued stroking his cock that was now pulled out from his pants. He moaned as Wendy continued using the vibrator faster and faster. She felt the pressure build as it took her over the edge moaning as she reached her orgasm.

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