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This is a creation myth I had to write for my Mythology final. (Dec. 2012)
“Gather round my children, and I will tell you a tale of how new life begins each Spring.” The elder was sat in a chair while many of the children gathered around her. I stood off to the side, wondering just what mess she had cooked up this time to get the children to listen to her morals.

“What about the new life, elder?” A child chirped as they all began to talk amongst themselves.
With a gentle hush, she began her tale…


Avasae (Äväsāe) was a beautiful dancer, admired by the Venerian gods. He would dance and dance, just to show his love for the gods that provided warmth on their lands, fertile crops, and peaceful times. He believed with all of his heart that the gods appreciated his devotion and his dancing, which he did for hours each day.

One day, Jacgu (Jäqū) decided that he would bring Avasae to the lands of the gods and take him as his husband. Avasae was greeted by a messenger of Jacgu, Klue (Clue), who told him the wonderful news. Avasae immediately accepted and returned to Jacgu with Klue.

There was a large wedding and reception and everyone was joyous, except for Louvil (Lūvile), who was always angry when something wonderful was happening. This time was different because Jacgu had Avasae, the man he wanted.
Avasae and Jacgu loved like no other and made sure peace was given to the people, and fertile crops grew from the lands, and that fertility would be granted to all who worshipped the great gods of Veneria.

One night, while Avasae and Jacgu were sleeping, Louvil crept in and slaughtered Avasae. Louvil, feeling satisfied, left.

Jacgu awoke in the morning to find his great loss; a loss that he had never felt before. He began to weep and the tears rained down over the lands. Just then, Avasae appeared to Jacgo and smiled down upon him, “It is all right my love, what we had was pure happiness, and now you are alone. It is all right to weep, my love. Whenever you weep, the tears will fall to Veneria and upon touching the land, new growth will appear, just like the love you gave to me, allowed me to grow.”

Upon disappearing, Jacgu said his final goodbyes and continued to weep.


“And every time it rains, that is Jacgu, weeping as he misses his lost lover.” The elder spoke quietly and looked at the children around her. They were all mesmerized and upon being dismissed they acted out the new tale they were told.

I wiped tears from my eyes, just as the elder approached me and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Dear, it is all right to weep. Weeping is allowing you to grow into yourself, to recognize who you are, and become who you are meant to be. That is what the rain does for the land, and that are what tales do for you.”
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