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I have been doubted alot. This song is for anyone who has been doubted for dreaming.
You can doubt me
As much as you
Want but I know
What I want it's
My goal and I
Ain't gonna take no
More crap I will
Take that and make
It into another rap
That talks smack about
How you never believed
Or attacked my ideas
And beliefs with your
With your words spitting
Grief in my face
It stings like mace
But I get back
Up and don't even
Have to say grace

[You know what you
Put me through but
Karma is just gonna
Step all over you
All you do is
Doubt me and say
Shit about me but
I one day I
Will come out king

You say I need
A bad life that
I need to get
Stabbed with a knife
To follow my dream
To be known and
Be seen but forget
What you think you
Can't keep up with
How I think
You triggered something that
Me thank that God
Gave me the talent
To walk away and
Use my words and
Allow me to be heard
I just hope that
You chew every word
Like broken glass when
Im in the upper class
On stage to give
My world class raps


You think that I'm
White that I'm copying
Off Slim Shady he
Maybe my idol and
I wish to one
Day work with him
But I ain't tryin
Copy him never have
Been I hope this
Don't count as a
Sin but your doubt
Is what makes me
Wanna hit you tell
You're out


Well thats it everyone
Remember if someone doubts
It's cause they can't
Do what you do
Don't stop following your
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