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"Rain Movers" manipulate all four energies, but on a physical level; they affect weather.

The fog lay low upon the grassy knolls of Whillia, in a grave yard packed full of white-wearing folk from the nearby town. Everybody sat within circle a of ancient trees that stood highly and seemed out of place, towering over the bare hills that made up the surrounding land. There was no central voice for the ceremony taking place, no lines drawn on the ground or candles strewn about, just thirty or so white robes with people of all ages inside of them. In the centre was the centrepiece; it had been garnished with letters to beyond, money for prosperity, and favored possessions. The central voice was everybody's voice, as each person left their message to the centrepiece in front of them; both in voice, and in letter. They constantly commented on the beauty of the centrepiece, they told her how they were all changed by her existence. They told her she was wise, loving, gifted, and how she would remain in the hearts of everyone whose lives she touched. Every message to her was precious. The ceremony was joyous and loving; they were putting out positive energies so as not ruin the ceremony. Finally, the last person to speak to the centrepiece was Morgan. Though she looked beautiful in the ceremonial robes of her mother, her hair done up with all of her mother's finest handmade jewellery and her make-up done with her mother's most priceless homemade make-up (rich with rare purple hues and the iridescent pearls shards from the nearby sea.) Her neon blue eyes and her fiery red hair gave away that she was in pain. She almost stood out more than the centrepiece, but her mother was too beautiful for that. The town's folk used to say that from an early age that wherever her mother would go would turn to gold. Many people could confirm that when her mother was truly happy, any jewellery that wasn't made from gold or silver turned into gold when her mother was at her happiest. Morgan knew that first-hand; she was blessed with witnessing her mother's beauty from a very early age, and it brought much beauty into her life. Morgan never wanted her mother to leave her, but now that beautiful aspect of life was gone. Such an amazing thing that Morgan had never taken for granted, and she was gone.

Morgan looked at her mother's delicate corpse lying there in the middle of the circle. She had never felt closer to her mother; she was her closest kin, and had to carry her body to the sacred springs, bathe her body, carry her body to the altar without the help of any other family members. She had no one else. Her mother was abandoned, and adopted by an elderly couple who died when she twelve. The town took care of her until she could support herself, but had given birth to Morgan soon after setting out to travel Mother Earth. She had to come back and end her travels prematurely or she wouldn't be able to support a child while travelling abroad. Now she was dead. Fifteen years later and she was laying lifeless in front Morgan's eyes in a place where all bodies are last seen until they released into the ocean not far from this site to return the body to Mother Earth. Morgan's eyes stared blankly along her Mother's bare and naked beauty as she tried to recall what she was supposed to say. Her mind was stuck on her mother's beauty; her life had passed on, but her beauty would never die. That was incredibly beautiful to Morgan.

Morgan stood up knowing that she would inevitably have to speak to her mother's Spirit. She clears her throat and some elders began to Ohm, as it was believed to help translate messages from this dimension to the next one. The wind began to pick up as Morgan spoke.

"Alyse, you were the mother that raised me and helped me grow, like the soil of Mother Earth," Morgan exclaimed, "You have given me a direction and a foundation, you have given me the seed from which I grow. Anything I do from now, is a gift to you in return for your divine guidance. All that I do from now, and on, is my showing of gratefulness for what you have provided. I love you Alyse, and I love your beauty. We here in Yelm'n's circle of completion have asked that you bestow upon us your beauty and protection, as we all agree that your beauty is as divine as Mother Earth. Rest in peace, Alyse."

I did it, thought Morgan. I didn't cry.

After speaking at the ceremony, Morgan carried her mother's naked body again, but this time to the ocean. As Morgan fought off her emotions, clouds began to appear and Morgan's red hair turned dark. She gave in and cried. It wasn't a rule that Completion Ceremonies had to be free of mourning, it was just taught that moving on was a joyous event and it was important to celebrate their presence, not their loss. As Morgan's tears started to pour down her face, so did the skies. The clouds grew darker but nobody was in a place to condemn her for making the ceremony cold and wet. Those who knew Morgan and Alyse tried to cheer her up with the amazing memories they could recall with her mother. Morgan's best friend, Cindy, had witnessed her mother turn brass bells into gold just from Morgan telling her how amazing she was.

"Your eyes are the richest and most vibrant hue of gold I've seen anywhere. It's like they're eternally polished," said Morgan to her mother on a cold and snowy winter's night. Her mothers was always happiest when the sun was out, and when Morgan had told her mother that, Cindy was aghast when the snow stopped and the clouds gave way to the sun. Alyse's hair glowed and her eyes sparked with much energy. The bells that hung in the kitchen window turned to gold as the sun hit them. Alyse loved Morgan with as much heart as any mother could, which is limitless, and Morgan always knew it.

"It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my life," Cindy said as she consoled her friend. Morgan thought about that moment and felt her heart skip; she was almost at the ocean. Alyse's eyes were half-open, which was believed to happen when the spirit's soul was near the body. Morgan felt a warming hand touch her shoulder that did not belong to any of her friends, and her felt mother bring out the sun. The sun shone so brightly that Morgan was blinded, seeing only her mother's face. It looked like it was alive again. Despite her disbelief, her mother was speaking to her, looking straight into Morgan's eyes, and Morgan could not look away. "I love you Morgan, you have the pure beauty of a rainbow, and I will always give you guidance in the right direction if you need it."

Morgan felt her mother's hand lift away, towards the sky. As she looked up to try and see her mother's spirit, she noticed the clouds that her passing sadness had left were still lingering, but now Alyse's beautiful sunlight was turn the clouds, and the ocean, golden. As Morgan looked around, everyone had taken their hoods off and was admiring the golden light around them. There was no other color to be seen, only gold. Morgan stepped out to the edge of the ocean, and gave her mother's body back the foaming and churning waters of Mother Earth iridescence radiated in small golden droplets marking where the final departure of her mother had taken place. Morgan no longer felt the urge to cry, she was so happy to know her mother was at peace. Now Morgan knew it was her time to travel and experience Mother Earth.

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