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by ROSS2
Rated: E · Script/Play · Drama · #1908251
Olivia wanted to contact her dead parents, but she should be careful what she wishes for.
Olivia and Paul, a childless couple in their [40's] en route to Old Westbury for an evening's entertainment at the dinner theatre in the round. They are to see "An Evening with Dr. Pepper", famed medium and European sensation, now fascinating Americans by reconnecting the bereaved with their departed relations. Many examples have been sited in the media of his extraordinary abilities to communicate with the dead.

Olivia, a diminutive brunette and former cheerleader is hoping to speak to her recently deceased mother. Still the dark beauty, she really desires to speak to the light of her life Daddy who, she is convinced, will bless her with affirmations. Paul, ex-tight end, no longer able to impress his dark-eyed mate with his strength and physical prowess, is there very reluctantly as a non-believer and is most anxious to have the evening over with. His only solace is the meal to be rendered that will fill his belly and soothe his bruised feelings.

They assume their places and Paul conspicuously indulges in the oversized treats. The spectacle is humorous in its child-like intensity and observed by the theatre-goers as offensive.

Dr. Pepper connects with a Jim Junior in the audience and wows him with the voice and character of his departed father. Colonel Jim speaks directly to his son in his own voice through Dr. Pepper, "Joonya?" expressing his remorse for his passing without having reconciled. In a Kentucky drawl, he speaks of his deep southern roots and his disapproval of "Joonya's" marriage to a very pretty, but African-American woman.

He completes his clairvoyant trance with the final words of the Colonel; "Don't ya'all think it's time, son? Don’t ya think its time ya’ got rid of that ‘n*gg*r’ bitch and came home?”

The audience is shocked! Dr. Pepper is agape with disbelief from the vile words that were unknowingly uttered. He is confused and ashamed for an evening's entertainment taking a turn to the dark-side. He apologizes for the despised word and continues.

Each subsequent clairvoyant trance succeeds in rousing the dead and impressing the audience with the veracity and the uncanny voices of Dr. Von Pepperhoff, proving his connection to the underworld. Every example winds up befouled by the words spoken by the dead. Words that ring true are spoken by the dead, but disturbing for the living who are hoping for validation.

Finally, he connects with Paul and conjures up dark memories of an aloof, indifferent father and a hovering mother reminding Paul of a very unhappy childhood. Olivia's parents are contacted to her delight only to turn darkly reminiscent of her unpleasant youth. Neither parent shows a concern for her yearning, each escapes without comforting to pursue their personal agendas in the after-life.

They leave the theatre stunned and Olivia bitterly disappointed. The evening has the opposite effect she had hoped for. Paul was dazed by the revelations about his unhappy past. Thus, they go for a midnight snack at a local diner.

In the diner, Olivia's mother assumes Paul's persona and picks a fight with a Trooper. We learn later of her being a dibbuk. She claims Paul's body to host her life trapped between two worlds resulting from a drowning at eight. Paul is arrested for striking an officer. Paul (Olivia’s mother) rages against the troopers who finally subdue and cuff him on the floor.

In the midst of Paul's acting out, several gang-bangers invade the diner and engage in a hostage standoff with the police.

Olivia visits Paul at the police station. He is being held under observation for striking and officer. We learn that Paul escaped the cuffs, picked the lock to the gun rack in the cruiser, stole a twelve gauge and sneaked in through the kitchen of the diner. His mother-in-law, Gloria, now guiding his actions, gets the jump on the outlaws and saves the day.

He entertains his jailers with Houdini-like antics and cultivates a crew of birds that visit his cell daily. He instructs one of the birds to lead the police to a corpse from an unsolved crime.

Several days pass and Paul is released and Gloria has left his body. Paul and Olivia return to his business, a beer distributor. They are surprised by the presence of both their mothers. Paul had been fretting about the demise of his business and the parental spirits had cleaned it up for him.

All was immaculate, the help was working energetically and all debts had been collected. Beautiful displays were put up and Paul felt renewed from the parental effort. They exchange words of love and caring. There mothers leave undetected and the young couple felt spiritual calm and confidence.
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