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A rainy day in Kolkata.....I met Katy....
As I opened the window to breathe in the damp smell of rain-Kolkata’s rain, I knew the day was special. It was after all the first rainy day of the year. The road was all a torrent and the newspaper boy was covered in a raincoat double the size of his own. It was only 5-dawn but the sound of rain drops falling on the roof top woke me up. I sat on the window sill only to continue dreaming until Mamma woke me up. It was time to go to school. Though I would hate going to school on such a day, I decided to go and get some scolding from my Maths teacher as I was not yet done with my last week’s maths home work.
In 30 minutes I was standing in the bus stop. In the bus I slept again and during the jerks and jolts, I opened my eyes only to see the big rain drops fall. At school we coaxed our teachers not to make us study today as we all wanted to play computer games, chat or just look out of the window. Fortunately the maths teacher had not turned up in the school. Guys played soccer in the rain while we watched. It was a short day and we boarded our buses to get back home. My bus stopped five minutes from home. I had to walk back home.
I walked as slow as I could because I wanted to get wet. In the corner of the road, there was a wild bush in front of which a cotton like thing was shivering, It was of my palm’s size. I had not realized that I had stopped in the middle of the road just to figure out what that delicate thing was.  The passer by Aunt told me it was a new born kitten who toddled there last night. She said she would like to take her home but somehow she was unable to. She left and I headed home too because I had no idea how my mother would react if I took it home. A car just passed me like a bullet shot from a gun and in no time my reflex action made me turn back only to see the kitten's body pasted on the concrete pavement.
If I had brought her home, I would have named it and by now she would probably be pregnant expecting to give birth to three white little cotton balls who would have all the feline and feminine characteristics she has.
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