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A woman goes to England and has a wonderful time and memories to cherish.
I waited so long to take a trip to England. I had no problem at the Air Port getting through Security in the United States and England. I had my Passport and Driver's License in my purse at all times The flight wasn't bad. I slept and read a romance novel. I was so happy to be in England. I was able to get a rental car. I had to drive on the left side of the road. I almost hit a couple of people and ran up unto a curb. A policeman was nice enough to give me a verbal warning. I calmed down and made it to the hotel I would be staying at. It was a five story building. My parents were paying for the trip and gave me plenty of money. I loved the hotel I was staying at. My room was on the fourth floor. The room was bigger then my apartment. I had a lot of luggage and a cute nice bell boy helped me carry my luggage. I was so jet lagged but I could sleep tonight. I was here to check out the sights.

I saw a lot of shops as I walked down the streets. I wasn't going to drive the rental car until tomorrow. I found some nice Celtic necklaces for my sister. She loved Celtic items. I found a pipe for my father with a lion on it and a nice peacock blue scarf for my mother. It was four in the afternoon and I went back to the hotel to eat. I ordered fish and chips and Earl Hampton Tea. I decided to go rest and I went to my room after dinner. I slept a long time. The next morning I went to the hotel diner and had bacon and eggs and orange juice.

It was time to drive the rental car. I slowly headed out and I drove toward Buckingham Palace. I almost hit one of those buses that has two compartments but I didn't. I parked the car and walked towards the castle. It was huge and beautiful. The guards were outside marching and there was one guard outside the gate. I decided to flirt with him. I hugged him and tickled his nose. He ignored me. I have charm and charisma. Other people laughed. I even did a Celtic dance for him. I was part of a Celtic Dance Troop back home. People gave me money. I was just trying to get the Palace Guard's attention but he stood there like a stone statue. Just then Princess/Duchess Kate was out in the yard of Buckingham Palace. I started to wave and do my Celtic dance for her. I bowed. She did wave to the crowd. She was beautiful. I was so happy. I got to see a real Princess. She had a beautiful smile. If I didn't see anything else in England, at least I got to meet her. Okay. See her but close enough. This was the best moment of my life. Princess/Duchess Kate left to go back to the castle. She waved as she left.

People in England were so friendly to me and I loved their English accents. I got in my rental car and looked at the map. There was another castle five miles away. I drove to it. It was ancient and beautiful. Parts of it were ruined but I was actually going to see a castle and see the inside of it. A lady was taking money and I paid for a ticket and a guide asked eight people and myself to follow her. The library had a lot of books and the living room had white furniture, blue winged tipped back chairs and a fireplace. The rugs were blue and modern style. I stifled a laugh. I started to sit in one of the chairs and I was told this wasn't allowed. I got up and there was a knight standing in the corner. I touched the arm-our and he touched my arm. I screamed and the knight lifted up his arm-our mask. He told me that he didn't mean to scare me. His name was Devoe. I told him I was from America and he had the neatest English accent. You know I believe he was a real knight. He lived in London. He asked if he could call on me at the hotel. I was thrilled and said: "Yes." I didn't think that I would see him again. He gave me a hug and I left with the tour. I saw bedrooms, the dungeon but I was too busy thinking about the knight. He was handsome and charming. He was more fun then the Palace Guard.

I decided to drive around Big Ben and the Circle. I couldn't get out of the circle. I couldn't turn. People in the other cars were honking their horns. The gas gage was low and I prayed I would make it out of this circle. I felt like Chevy Chase in "European Vacation." A nice policeman stopped me. I was able to pull over as other motorists yielded to the policeman. He got me out of that circle. Thank goodness as I was getting dizzy.

That night Devoe came to visit me and took me to a nice restaurant. He was a relative of Princess/Duchess Kate. How cool was that? He told me when I returned to England someday, I could meet Princess Kate. That would be better then seeing her and just waving at her. We had roast beef dinners and he was so friendly.

The next day I drove to the English countryside. The land was green and so many acres and not many houses. A farmer and his sheep were in the road and I had to wait for them to pass. The sheep were in no hurry but I love sheep. I saw a cottage that looked like one out of a fairy tale or Medieval movie. There was grass and moss growing on the one side of it. I stopped to look at it. Wow. I could live here. It started to get dark and I went back to my hotel. Devoe came to visit again. You know he could be the next James Bond. He reminded me of Timothy Dalton or Pierce Bronson. I could see myself in the Moors yelling" Heathcliff" and Devoe chasing me.

The next day I went to Bath. I was going to spend the night there. I saw Jane Austen's house and her museum. Her house wasn't fancy but it was nice and well kept up. I bought souvenirs of Jane Austen. She never found her Mr. Darcy but I hoped Devoe was mine. I went to some other shops in Bath. I could live in England. I am from a small farm town in Indiana and England was more exciting.

I left Bath the next day. I rested in my hotel room and Devoe came over to take me to dinner and we went shopping after wards. I told him I loved going to Bath and I love London.The next day Devoe and I went to Princess Diana's grave and we saw the house she grew up in. I was a fan of Princess Diana. I had always admired her.

Devoe took me to Highclere Castle. You guessed it. Downton Abbey! I am a big fan of Downton Abbey. I got to meet some of the cast and got their autographs. I meet the real Earl ands his wife who live at Highclere Castle. I had lunch and tea with them. The castle is beautiful and I got the grand tour. I would love to live there. I am only twenty years old and these memories of England I will always hold dear. I think I will be a writer. Maybe I can have a big castle like Highclere Castle and be the Lady Of The Manor.

My week was up and I had to return home. Devoe went to the Air Port with me. He kissed me good bye and promised to call and e-mail me. Seeing Princess/Duchess Kate, going to Princess Diana's house, visiting the "Downton Abbey Castle-Highclere Castle, meeting my knight in shining arm-our and seeing Jane Austen's house and being a fan of Medieval times, well I think it is safe to say my fantasy came true. I always have my head in the clouds and I am a day dreamer but it works for me.

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