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A modern-day superhero story of sorts.
“HELP! SOMEBODY, HELP!!!!!!!!!!”

Miriam Jenson whipped around from where she was enjoying a quiet lunch at a sidewalk cafe to see a middle-aged woman across the street, dressed rather nicely in a beige suit, wringing her hands and a man in dark clothing fly off down the street. He carried a box in his hand.“SOMEBODY, STOP HIM!!!” the woman screamed. Without even a thought, Miriam raced after the man. He ran seemingly with the speed of a cheetah; but Miriam was an exceptional runner and started closing the distance between them. It was no small feat capturing a man in the city, where sidewalks were rather crowded and it was hard to keep sight of the target. However, she was determined to get this man, no matter what. This wasn’t the first time she had stopped something and succeeded.

Several times before, she had stopped robberies and other disasters with her well-known speed. It also helped to have the small pistol that her father gave her for self-defense nearby. It didn’t help her career as a bank manager, but she rather enjoyed doing these pursuits. She had helped the police some and had made a little name for herself in the growing city of Avinston. The man abruptly turned down a side street. Miriam skidded to a stop in her heels briefly, and took pursuit. The man knew that someone was following him, for he started flying into various alleys and side streets which were rather twisted and made it hard for running. Miriam took a deep breath and flew after him, pushing against walls that came in her way. This gave her extra momentum, so she had nearly caught him when he turned suddenly and stopped. Miriam gasped as some light fell on his face. Vincent!

Vincent stared at her for a moment, shock and then recognition sweeping across his face. Regaining his composure, he sneered. “Miriam.” He gave an evil chuckle. “What are you doing here?”

Gasping for breath over running and pure shock, Miriam replied, “What are you doing? You surely aren’t the one doing this to one of our richest and oldest customers! Mrs. Winston can sue the bank over this!”

“So?” Vincent scoffed. “That old woman has plenty of money. She doesn’t need this. Besides, I am gaining what is rightfully mine. Anyhow, she will be suing the bank, not me.” He gripped the box tighter.

“Rightfully yours? Impossible. And listen to what you are saying. If she sues the bank, and sues them out of business, there goes our jobs!!! ”

Miriam couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her coworker and assistant bank manager, stealing? Vincent Werdell was one of the nicest men she had ever known. He was a resilient worker, helpful to her and the whole bank overall. He has received several awards, and had worked there for 10 years, around the same time Miriam has started working there.

He was stunningly handsome, with olive skin, black eyes, silky black hair, and an athletic build. Miriam had liked him a lot, and he had seemed interested in her. In fact, he had asked her on a date two days ago. Miriam decided to think on it, not knowing how to answer, considering the circumstances. But oh, she knew the answer now. Her heart broke at the thought. Another chance at love fallen. A part of her was angry for putting herself in this predicament, and another part cried with heartache. Determined not to let him see her conflicting emotions, she steeled her face into sheer coldness and waited for his answer.

Vincent gave a harsh laugh. “ It is mine. You didn’t know who that lady really was,did you? Mrs. Winston is my great-aunt.” He laughed at Miriam’s look of astonishment. “Mrs. Winston promised me a hefty amount of money as my part of the inheritance. Only I decided later that I wanted it early. I went to her house. She refused to give it to me. We had a bad argument, and she threw me off the place. I was enraged. I just wanted what was mine. I was going to try to talk to her again, but I heard that she had taken me off the will. Well, you know that blew my socks off. So I decided to take what was mine, and that is what I have done. So I suggest you get out of here and say you never saw me. And I will disappear, and never be seen again. If you don’t, I will kill you.” He whipped out a pistol, cocked it, and pointed at her. “Let’s do it the easy way. Go. NOW.”

Miriam shuddered at the man’s cruelty. She had never realized this. If only she had saw this sooner!Well,so much for sentiment and friendship. It was time for the showdown. She took a deep breath, looking straight into his eyes. “I am not going anywhere.” She reached into her coat for her pistol.

Vincent’s face hardened. “ I am giving you to the count of three. One….two… get your hand out of your jacket. One…two…three…..” BOOM! Miriam quickly dodged the shot.

Vincent glared at her. “You stay put!” He adjusted his position. “One…two…”

Miriam whipped her pistol out with lightening speed and shot his pistol out of his hand. BOOM!

“AGHH!” Vincent fell to the ground clutching his hand, dropping the box. Miriam grabbed the box, still pointing the gun at him. She knelt down and tied his hands with her belt. Vincent groaned.

“Let’s go, Vincent.” She prodded him with her foot.

Vincent looked up at her with a grimace. “Up! Move! Now!” Miriam ordered. With some effort, Vincent painfully got up and Miriam led him away.

Miriam got Vincent to the police headquarters,where she found out that Vincent was a wanted criminal for several robberies against other distant, wealthy relatives of his. He had changed his appearance several times and gone under a false name so no one would recognize him. Miriam shook her head. He was rather shrewd, hiding from the law for over ten years. It was good he was finally caught. Next time, she would be more careful about who she liked. She was offered a reward for capturing Vincent, but refused and had it sent to a local charity. She took the package back to Mrs. Winston.

Mrs. Winston was grateful and sang her praises to the bank, who responded by giving Miriam a raise. She also won an award for the service. Miriam, embarrassed by all the attention, decided to take two days off work and went hiking in the mountains. As she walked, enjoying the mountain air, she heard, “HELP!!!!!!!!!!” from over across the woods.

Miriam sighed, and stared over at where she heard the call. “Another call for justice. I am on my way!” She raced off into the woods.
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