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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #1908947
Double vision..
          "Sociologist say most people don't believe in Satan,
    but most serial killers do. The sociologist agree increase talk
    about satanic practices will create an interest in the occult.
    A report issued by the Los Angeles County Commission for
    women links ritual abuse to satanic cult activity.
    Many of the women patients unacquainted with one another
    tell essentially the same stories of being 'breeders' for a
    satanic cult. These stories included ritual sacrifices of the babies.
    Pentagrams and animal bones are often found at campfire sights
    of potential satanic rituals as well as the name NATAS, Satan written
    in reverse. Satanism has become a part of the pop culture and
    many young people pratice it." Father Hardon testified.

          The judge shuffled through the writs, "This is pretty far fetched.
    You want to arrest the President of the United States, because he's an
    E.T? Oh, and a follower of Lucifer, who calls himself Zeus. You've got
    F.B.I. affidavits; attesting to Zeus invulnerability ... and casting lightning bolts.
    Ah-so, it's Father Brandon Hardon's theory that this power is demonic.
    And you have a statement from Zeus that he has control over the President,
    who he bred with the help of the C.I.A. coven of witches. The President's
    real father is Zeus... or Lucifer? And you Lt. Molloy are infected with nanobots
    that a C.I.A agent gave you to drink." The Judge leaned back in his leather chair
    and rubbed the back of his head.

          "I don't think I have jurisdiction here, but I'll sign it." His voice rumbled
          like thunder as he scribbled his signature.

    Aden laughed and slapped the arrest warrant for the President into the hands
    of the F.B.I buero chief Freya Hoenir. "Aden this could start a civil war." she
    remarked, adjusting her black open toed heels, "I hate heels. It's expected at
    the White House." Aden raised an eye brow, "Your going to serve him yourself?"
    "Yeah. Me and a dozen other agents. I've alerted the F.B.I. White House staff."
    Aden stood up, "They're probably with him. The President hand picks his staff."

              "Oh, we've already made some relocation on that." Freya winked.

    Judge Wodan ran his fingers through his long white beard, "It is good you believe
    in me. We Norse Gods have been forgotten in this New Age of Christianity."
    "I'd rather put my faith in the Norse Gods, than Lucifer." Aden clicked his
    bottle of Yeager beer with Wodan's flask of ale.

            "Let the games begin! Asgard rises!" Freya declared and clicked her
            bottle of Yeager with them.

    Reflection~ It is more easy to forgive the weak who have offended us,
                      than the powerful, who do not need our forgiveness.



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