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Come one, come all and join the global New Years Festivities!
Come one and all to celebrate New Year with us in style!

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New Years Eve comes with a multitude of activities, events and things to do with our loved ones, but how about those of us who want to celebrate with each other? We're a global community spanning hundreds of countries across the world. Here's a new way to celebrate with your friends from all over the world!!

Come and buy your pal a drink, send it around the world and wish them a happy New Year. In return for each drink you send you receive a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets will all be put into a draw and be called on the 11th January.

The Prizes

All proceeds of the raffle with be awarded as follows:

*Burstv* 15% "Invalid Item

*Burstb* 15% "Sisco's Good Deed Group

*Burstg* 15% "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

*Burstp* 15% "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group

*Burstr* 15% "Let's help each other grow- Closed

*Bursto* 12% Another lucky winner!

*Burstbr* 8% Another lucky winner!

*Burstbl* 5% Another lucky winner!

The Rules

*Noteb*New Years Party starts now and ends on the 10th January! Get sending those drinks around the world!
*Noteb*Each drink costs 500gps - found in the New Year Party Shop (linked below).
*Noteb*Please select your drinks from the list of yummy beverages below!
*Noteb*Please drink responsibly (and be sure to send non-alcoholic drinks where appropriate!)
*Noteb*Have fun and raise some gps for these fantastic groups!

The Drinks

Okay, you will find our lovely selection of drinks here in this wonderful c-note store. Select the drink you want, send it to your wonderful friends on Writing.com and watch the fun flow *Smile*

 New Year Party Shop!  (13+)
Come along and send a beverage and raise some money for some worthy groups!
#1909051 by blue jellybaby

All raffle ticket holders can be found on this list:

 New Year's Party Ticket Holders   (13+)
Ticket Holders for New Year's Raffle
#1909049 by blue jellybaby

Any donations are welcome and can be made to:

 New Year's Party Bank  (E)
The New Year's Raffle Bank
#1909050 by blue jellybaby

Any donations over 50k will receive a Merit Badge from my personal funds *Smile*

Thanks for all of your wonderful support!


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