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Is this seven-teen second thrill ride worth the two hour wait?
Located in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is known as America’s roller coast. Currently, it boasts a whopping 15 coasters with Gatekeepr (a new Bolliger and Mabillard wing coater) under construction for the 2013 operating season (grand total of 16 roller coasters). This amusement park has been known for breaking many world records with their roller coasters. Examples are Magnum XL 200, Millennium Force, and the Top Thrill Dragster. But what is up with the Top Thrill Dragster? Is it the speed, height, or length? Whatever, this coaster is a magnificent thrill machine for the adrenaline junkie. From the beginning of the launch, to the top of the hill, and to the powerful brakes at the end, this is one coaster for the bucket list.

First off, the ride induces fear just when the train is released from the station. Passengers slowly creep out onto the launch pad and a recording says, “Keep arms down, head back, and hold on!” Real life dragster sounds provide a feeling that one is actually in a drag racer as the passenger stares at the Christmas tree lights. For the inexperienced rider, the launch may seem unpredictable. But when the train hooks onto the catch car, it only a matter of seconds before the ride fully begins. This part of ride, just waiting for the launch, is a very frightful, but exhilarating experience. Nevertheless, once the Christmas tree lights begin to count down, the ride has only begun.

With little warning, the train is accelerated from a mind-blowing zero to one hundred twenty miles per hour in a mere four seconds. The acceleration one feels is very forceful and thrilling. Nothing but a rocket launch could compare to it. However, once the train reaches one hundred and twenty miles per hour, the train does something surprisingly. It skyrockets into a vertical ascent and it twists once. It slowly decelerates to about ten miles per hour at the top of its four hundred and twenty foot hill. Each passenger, who would be breathless by now, only has a moment to take in the view of Millennium Force and Lake Erie. Before the brain can process anything else, the train plummets back towards the Earth in another vertical position. However, a spine-chilling two-hundred seventy degree twist spirals the entire train to what seems to be out of control. But suddenly, the train levels offs and reaches one-hundred and twenty miles per hour once more. Then, the train must stop. The brake section of the coaster may not be the most popular among coaster enthusiasts, but on Top Thrill Dragster, it provides memories and smiles for life. Once the train crosses the “finish line”, the copper-alloy brake fins interact with the train forming fail-proof eddy-currents that magnetically stop the train. However, the catch is that the deceleration is swift and forceful. Instead of being shoved back in the seat, the rider is tight against the lap bar. Once the train finally stops, the rider’s brain can slowly catch up with what had just happened, because the ride is only a quick seventeen seconds.

Overall, Top Thrill Dragster, the world’s first strata coaster that is four hundred twenty feet tall and reaches speeds of one-hundred and twenty miles per hour, is a wonderful twenty five million dollar ride. This is a must-ride roller coaster for any enthusiast and thrill junkie alike. Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster is a seventeen-second ride that is totally worth a two-hour wait, because this thrill machine produces smiles that will last a lifetime. So do not wait any longer and head over to Cedar Point! The Top Thrill Dragster is waiting.
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