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by vjm
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I wrote this silly story to help me and hopefully someone else.silly is as silly does.
Wake up and have icing for breakfast with a large coca cola...get in the hot tub after you have poured in some Mr.Bubble..lay the suit aside and your attire will await you,in your pajama drawer,of course,followed by toe socks and flip flops. Hair is in a pony and hobo bag is on the shoulder. Off to work you go on your 2 wheel non gas peddler.
As you approach the office you start to wonder how people will react of your choices today,but you continue anyhow.Why? Because it feels good.To you. Today.
Work is the same as usual exept one thing,your spirit. Its relaxed,the soul was getting cramps due to years of consistent routine.
As the day rears to an end,you smile to yourself silently counting how many times you had to reply, " It just felt right,today".
As you cruise from work you can't help but notice the elders selling fresh fruit on the corner as they have for the last five years, But just so tired! Couldn't wait to jump in the coupe and head home. But not today,In addition to your newly revived soul ,you have been awarded with hightened senses and reconditioned perspective.
The china Wok will be curious as to your unfailing call, for , a fruit salad is on the menu tonite.
As the sun is setting, you think about that old dusty telescope sitting in the corner,acting as a scarf rack since the last lunar.
So there you lay,on the lawn,thanking God (and your lucky stars!) for what is.
……WE get so wrapped up in the crazy medley of our world clamor,that we forget to live,breath and be silly.We only have one life,body,mind and soul.
It Is our responsibility to take pains in keeping it recharged.
So…This here story was an analogy,A suggestion.The moral?
Plain and Simple,
Me being SILLY!

As I lay down a day of looseness on paper, I'm exercising my own silly,creative side. To help you ,help me.
So breath,get creative and be SILLY.
                                            ....The beginning.
                                                                      Play responsibly.
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