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This is another class assignment about creating a character.
A) "The importance of desire in creating character can scarcely be overstated." (Pp. 88, Imaginative Writing, Janet Burroway, third edition.) One novelist call it "yearning" (Butler) Aristotle believe what a person desire in life he was that person. For example if a person wanted to see good in life, he was a good person, or if he wants peace, he was peaceful. We as writers are excellent observe, which can leave into a passively character, this intends to lie flat on the page. As a writer, I like to make my characters stand out. I want people to get excited when they read one of my stories, or at least like it. I have "this rule of thumb" if my writing sounds boring to me, then I know it will be boring to others.
    I never thought of writing a detail description about my character, like the book suggests, but I think this could be a little helpful, or even writing new words down to build my volcabury. I don't get my ideas from past experiences or from my everyday life and the characters, I writer are totally different from who I am. I think the importance of creating character is to make the character so real like that people would do anything for that character or, they wish they could be like him.
B) The inspiration and character on the four C's on building a strong character gave me something to really think about. It's not just about how the character look, but what are his motives, what is the character wants. Watching the video from the frog princess, where mama Odie sings, "it doesn't matter what you look like."  When developing a character we need to look beyond the physical and the emotional of the character. What inspires me is not what is important. I can't wait to be inspired; I have to go after it.  In the four 'Cs' it talks about the different needs in a character, physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, self-actualization.  The esteem of wanting to belong, or wanting respect or the self-actualization  to knowing what the full potential of the characters needs.
C) How do we precede character, everyone sees a character differently, but two many are see this character has a war hero. I have to admit; every single man back then did serve in the war. The question was, "please choose one example from a fellow student OJ that is a good example of either A or B” I find it funny, how we all had the same idea about losing a love one, especially a wife.  "There was a time once when I felt unstoppable, the king of the world,” John Osiek wrote. This gives a good example of building a strong character. He went beyond the call of duty. He puts emotion into the interview; he makes the character a live.

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