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More on character development.
A)    "Think of your characters as the point and center of what you write."(Pp. 136, Imaginative Writing, Janet Burroway).  When writing, I try to focus my attention on the character I am writing about. Everyone and everything I write is center around that main character or characters. I think this is a very important concept, because sometimes one might steer away from the character, they are writing about which would cause a reader to loose focus in the story. Every writer should have a strong foundation, when writing a story or a script. Where does the story begin with the character? What will happen to the character? Why is the character in this predicament? How will the character get out of it? These are all important areas when it comes to writing.
    One of the things the book mention is to be able to feel what your character is thinking. This doesn't mean you think like your character thinks or how you think he should be thinking, (boy that's a tongue twister). To me, it is telling me that I need to dig deep down into what is going on in the character's life and make the character come a live, so that the reader can relate some way or another.
B) The metaphor of connecting has shown in the both the video with the starfish and the one on the prezi are two good examples. These relate a lot to my dialog, I think, because there is a connection between the two males and the two females. At first there is a connection between the two men, and for a little while they disconnect and tried to connect with two women. The women however know their game and play a long with the men, but keep their distances, still there is a connect, yet a disconnect between male and female. The prezi mention connection like a bridge, where we connect people, or even connect the dots. There are so many ways of connecting. Both these videos are good resources.

C) “Yep, bit him right on his rear,” Slevin replied. “But in my defense the guy had it coming, he was slapping his daughter around and the girl housedog was cowering in the corner." (Robert "Rob" Leatherman, online journal #6). When I first started reading Rob's dialog about the two dogs, I thought oh, no, here comes another dog story, but after reading further, it was actually pretty good. He stuck with the main characters, and they seem to be the center of his story, everything and everyone was center around the two dogs. "Think of your characters as the point and center of what you write." This is such a great focal point, and this is the one thing that Rob did focus on, his dialog was very easy to follow along.
D) When creating a character for a dialog, do you like to come out strong or soft, and when writing can you keep up with your format? Are do you have the intense to fall weak and lose connection?D: " Do you usually place your characters in a setting they’re familiar or comfortable or do you usually place them in an alien or uncomfortable environment? " (Amber Broyes)
      Amber asked a really good question. This gave me something to really think about. When I write I decide what type of environment my characters are going to be in. But it never accur to me whether or not they were in a familiar or comfortable setting. I believe this all depends on the setting of where the character is place. If I am to place the character in their home or own city then I believe my character is in comfortable setting. Then again the character could be in their own familiar surroundings, but be in an uncomfortable environment.
  "Mary crept slowing into her mother's bedroom, she did not know what to expect, since the last time she was in there. Memories flooded her head from past events of things that had happen to her, when she was in her mother's care. The bad things which her mother's boyfriend did to her and her mother. Now they were both gone, but something evil lurk in her mother's bedroom and she had to face it head on."
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