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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Other · #1909793
First night in the Factory, and the newcomer has brought new troubles on everyone
The ignition of a flame brought a room to life after the opening, closing, and locking of a vault like door.
"Everyone, meet..."
"Idella, my name is Idella." Looking up from the shiny metal floor, I laid eyes on my finder for the first time. I was surprised to find he was actually quite young. No more than eighteen, the boy stood a good half foot taller than I. Cold grey eyes reflected a cocky attitude and a rapt attention to my body. Long, blonde, unkempt hair topped his head. The kid was attractive, but a kid indeed.
A cough brought my attention to four people staring up at me from various positions on the floor. All were covered in shoddy blankets and grime, a sweaty salty sent emanating from them, but each face said something different: suspicion, fear, curiosity, and shock. All of the attention made me wonder if I looked half as bad as they did.
"Where'd you get her," an older, gentle looking man asked my finder. He was tall and broad shouldered with a black beard and mustache that covered most of his face. Though he appeared far wiser than the boy beside me, it was clear the blonde beauty was upheld as the groups leader in the way all waited on him to take action. Though, Chet took his position as a crown for a king, asserting his power any way he could.
"I don't have to answer to you." The boy eyed the man in a challenge.
The atmosphere grew tense and all onlookers did their best to mind their own business. This sort of must be an everyday occurrence, if their was such thing as day and time in this wretched place.
"I just wanted to make sure she hadn't been infected."
The teen laughed heartily and everything seemed to thin out again.
"She's fine, she would have showed signs by now. Right beautiful."
Without warning the self righteous king tipped my chin up with his forefinger and thumb, planting a unexpected kiss on my mouth mid-gasp.
"How dare-!"
"The names Chet," he chuckled, interrupting my cry of intolerance.
Than with a wink, he walked over to his pallet and fell back on a pile of ratty cushions.
Besides a glare from Mr. black beard, and envious misty eyes from one of the girls in the circle, the leader, Chet, didn't receive any punishment for his faults. It seemed I had not yet proven myself worthy for defending.
"Well," a sweet lilting voice floated through the air. "Why don't we all introduce ourselves? My name in Melanie." A small frail senior extended her wrinkled hand towards me and I took it, gracious for her kindness amidst the chaos and confusion.
"I'm Kate." The girl who was obviously infatuated with the bad boy gave me a quick once over before dismissing me with the turn of her head. Why Chet didn't share her feelings was a wonder to me. Kate had big shining blue eyes and golden tresses that flowed over petite figure. She was beautiful.
Next was a man named Derrick. He had a rough yet alluring countenance about him. A charming smile made me blush.
Mr. black beard himself was known as Will. He reminded me of a father figure.
"So, Idella, who were you before entering the factory," Chet asked, winking once I gave him my attention.
"I..." I didn't know. All I knew was my name and the fact that I had recently turned twenty. What would everyone think If I told them I was truly lost. How could I not remember? Warm feelings from the past overwhelmed me but no image to match them to. Maybe the pain in my head meant more than just a headache. I could have brain damage!
"Put out the light!"
The room was swallowed by darkness and a strong arm pulled me to the floor and wrapped around my shoulder protectively. Muscular arms seemed to be constantly attached to me these days.
I was about to question the sudden change of pace when a sickening sound echoed among the walls. It sounded like pointed talons clicking along the floor along with a thick, deep gurgling. Perspiration wet my neck and brow when small moans and hisses joined the symphony that grew ever louder. Than it stopped; everything stopped.
Was it over? what was out there? I couldn't breath, and images of the steel door caving in flashed through my mind. I started shaking.
"They're hunting," Chet's whisper came from my right. He sounded amused and even joyful bout the current events. His enthusiasm was sickening. He probably belonged to this world more than the creatures did.
A scuffling and sniffling conquered the silence before the things started to progress down the dark halls at last.
Ten minutes passed before Chet allowed for a lit candle, and he chuckled at the sight of my ashen face. Ignoring him, I followed the comforting arm around to find it was attached to Derrick; he had been my shoulder to lean on. He seemed to understand while the others were distant. Maybe he had been the new addition once.
"What were those? Where am I?"
A sad smile touched Derricks lips as he replied," Those were the shadows, monsters and demons of our residence, The Dead Factory."
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