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by Ash
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I was out wandering through the forest listening to the birds sing their melodies while the leaves rustle through the wind forming a song unlike any other. I inhaled the scent of moist earth, smelling as if it just rained, giving me a feeling of comfort. When I looked up to see the sky I saw all the trees stretching towards it  wanting  to stroke the sky with their branches.The further I moved into the forest the closer my destination was.

      I could finally see a glimpse of my  haven. It looked as if it was a painting that could never be ruined by time. Every step brought me closer to the meadow to see its majestic serenity at play. The meadow itself was peaceful with it's flowers dotting the landscape like a carefully planned Monet painting. Tall grass filled the gaps where the flowers didn't grow. When the breeze swept through the meadow it moved the tall grass and flowers in a hypnotic way.  As if the tall grass and flowers were trying to bring peace to me The forest surrounded the meadow like a barrier to protect itself from the harmful ways of humankind. Each passing moment I spend in the meadow feels as if it is an eternity. Also as if only a second has gone by leaving you feeling like no time is passing at all. It  felt like I was stuck in time.

        The wind gradually sped up as the crystal blue sky was definitely consumed with  darkness. Once the clouds over took the sky I heard a low rumbling noise far off in the distance. The birds beautiful melody died as each bird took shelter in their nest. The rustling of the leaves and the rumbling of thunder gently crescendoed.  Flashes of white light illuminate the sky. It seemed almost surreal the way the lighting light up the meadow. Each flash seemed closer than the last.

    One bolt of white lightning struck with a force that shook the earth beneath my feet almost knocking me to the ground. The luminous fire took the place of the lighting bolt sending the meadow into chaos. The fire spread across the meadow devouring everything in its path turning everything into blackish gray ash. The sight was so horrifying it sent me into a state of panic. Making it seem as if I couldn’t move. I knew I had to act now but my body wouldn’t cooperate with me. Every second I stood there frozen with fear the fire grew in size at as it came closer to me.

    Finally, I had some control over my body. My movements were slow at first  when I turned back to the forest. What I saw when I looked at the forest was nothing like I had ever seen before. It seemed as if the forest itself was alive. The fire casted shadows on the trees making the tree seem as if they were dancing  a brutal dance with one another  as the fire spread around them.I could feel the flames licking at me back.  The pain the fire caused was excruciating.  I knew it was time to make my decision to try and find safety in the forest or to stay  and give up. I l took one last second  and looked back to see how the peaceful meadow was destroyed by the hungry flames.

    I turned my back on the heart wrenching scene and ran towards the forest trying to outrun the unsatisfied  flames. I ran around tree after tree never fully grasping where i was going. The trees and fire were forming a maze trying to lure me back to the meadow. I kept running, moving as fast as I could, barely out of reach from the fire.

    As I ran I heard an ear shattering sound that made me stop for a second. I turned to see what it was but all I could see was the fire engulfing its surroundings. I knew it was the end but i didn’t want to give up a fight so I kept running. I ran as far as I could away from the fire.  My strides  became slower. Each step became harder to take. I had finally given up. All I could do was pray.

    I got on my knees and prayed for salvation. Hoping for something to save. a  drop of water on my cheek. Just a small drop that was barely noticeable. I thought that  I had imagined it at first until I felt another, but this time it was on top of my head. I looked up at the gray sky to see that heaven had answered my prayers.

    The rain fell down harder and harder making the fire go away. I had restored hope and knew I could find my way out alive if I just kept moving. Every step made me want to move faster. My energy renewed. I tried finding my way out of the chaotic scene that stood before me.

    Every step led to my new destination. Each breath told me that I was alive. I knew then that I would live. I would come out of that alive. I kept moving dodging tree after tree looking for an opening to the outside world.

    I saw a light, not of the fire but of the outside world. The one that would protect me and save me from the chaoticness that stood before me. I ran towards it. I ran faster and faster until finally i broke through the line of trees.

    What stood before was the meadow. The peaceful meadow that  was nothing but ash.

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