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by RaulMG
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #1910131
The prequel to "The Sick"
I experience a pure feeling of content,
Love which cupid has lent,
I await my lover,
We love each other,
He is my one and only,
Keeping me from being lonely.

He better get here quicker,
Or I will become sicker,
He knows I cannot stand becoming ill,
The wind gives me a small chill,
It is becoming worse,
The cancer is the deadly source.

Twilight is upon the sky,
I want to cry,
He did not show to see the sun setting,
I hope he brings an offsetting,
“Why are you alone?”
The voice caresses my backbone.

“I am waiting for someone.”
“But, I see you and no one.”
“He will be here, he promised me.
Now will you let me be.” I plea.
“I do not wish to harm you, I simply want to be of service.”
The voice feels cold, and it makes me nervous.

“Well you are simply frightening,
Your presence feels like lightening,
Loud and erratic.”
The voice chuckled very phlegmatic,
Not caring of my comment,
“Oh, but I do, just not at the moment.”

“What malice is this? Show yourself creature!”
“No! For I have no physical feature.”
I turn swiftly,
The fear enters deeply,
Nothing is there, I turn full circle,
“Are you scared? Your face is purple.”

The woods become colder,
I feel a pain on my shoulder,
“Let me help you, that is all I want.”
The voice sounds high pitched and vaunt,
My body shrivels because of the cold,
The elements have me controlled.

“Let me help, I am sure we can come to an agreement.”
The winds began striking with vehement,
“What is the agreement that you want to arrange?”
“I take away all of the pain, but you give me yourself in exchange.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just let me in.”

“But, what will happen then?”
“What will happen when?”
“When you enter me? Won’t I die?”
I can feel my skin dry,
“No, you will not die, just let me feed,
Trust me; you will be greatly reimbursed for your deed.”

“Ok, I agree, because the cold is….”
My body becomes breathless,
My body is becoming numb,
All my feelings are gone,
I begin rising above the trees,
The sight below causes me displease.

The creature screams in frustration,
Why must he suffer this damnation?
He stares at the lifeless body,
The creature yells profanities vulgar and bawdy,
He is too late,
Now all he can do is wait.

A sudden rustling of fallen branches,
What are the chances?
A man appears,
When he finds his lover his eyes fill with tears,
“I’m sorry, I did not meant to be this late my love!”
He sounds like a mourning dove.

The young man feels anger and guilt,
All because he is wilt,
He sat to listen to the opinions of others,
Of who can and can’t be lovers,
Why did it have to happen now? Why couldn’t he say goodbye?
These awful feelings, and now all he can do is cry.

“I saw who did this atrocity,
They came at him with ferocity.”
“Who said that? Was he beat? Who did it?”
“Me. Yes he was, and I must admit,
I do not know, there was so many,
More than twenty.”

“I cannot see you, why did you not rescue him?”
“I am cursed; you cannot see even one limb,
I will be of no help to anyone until I have a vessel,
I only have power if I become sessile.”
“Then you are of no use to me, I am thirsty for revenge.”
“Then, Let me give your thirst quench.”

“If you accept me in,
Just give me a home under your skin.”
“What will happen to me?”
“Nothing, you choose when to let me free.”
“I get my revenge, correct?”
“Yes, we are something they will not expect.”

“I agree.”
The man handed the demon the key,
The winds turn silent,
Then a sudden loud noise, so disgusting and violent,
The man falls in pain,
Then stands again.

His eyes turn pale,
He opens his mouth to let out a loud wail,
He is now feeling stronger, faster, monstrous, and hungry,
He now appreciates his new company,
Time to make them all pay,
They will now accept his way.
Death to all.
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