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by Pixie
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1910340
A novel I'm currently working on
Once I was home I made a beeline straight for the bathroom much to the disgust of my aching, tired body. Drawing myself a steaming herbal bath, I slowly removed the muddy, sticky clothing I’d been wearing the past 3 days and took an inventory of my injuries. Bloody lacerations covered my arms and criss-crossed my stomach from knife practice and careful probing of my ribs revealed at least 3 broken from bow-fighting and suffering a few too many kicks during the no-weapon combat training. My knuckles were bloodied and my legs yellow from the healing bruises but nothing else appeared broken.  I slowly lowered myself into the tub inhaling the beautiful fragrances, the hot water erasing the pain and terror of the last few days.

Well they didn’t lie when the said it’d be life-changing. I thought sardonically as I mulled over the lessons I had endured.

Carefully I washed the blood and grime out of my hair using a jug and, once satisfied, tied it up in a loose bun at the nape of my neck. Content I sank further into the gentle water and allowed it to caress my bruised and battered body.

A thud from outside the window woke me from my short nap in the bath and a shadowed figure flashed past outside. Alarmed, I sat up ignoring my body’s protests.

That boot camp has made me all jumpy... Just what I need in a creaky old house.

With an immense effort I tried to relax back into the rapidly cooling bathwater. Another shadow passed my window and I heard a thump from above me.

It’s probably just a possum or something stupid. Pull yourself together woman! I mentally scolded myself.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax anymore so I pulled the plug and watched the water drain away as I pulled on my bathrobe. Standing in front of the mirror I could see so many changes in my appearance. I looked so much more grown up now, from my wide hazel eyes to the wary frown playing on my lips. I’d been through so much and now look at me. My damp black hair fell straight down my back almost to my waist when I pulled it free and even through the soft robe, I could see the new way my sinewy limbs moved. A sharp sting on the side of my neck snapped me out of my reverie and I spied a tiny dart in my reflection. I pulled it out and stared in fascination as my vision warped. I looked over to the door of my bathroom and saw a figure dressed completely in black stalking towards me. Strong hands caught me as everything went black and I felt myself fall.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1910340