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A short essay on Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt value death as much as they value life. They believed how they lived their life had a significant effect on how they would live in the afterlife. They think that they had a soul that lives on after their own body past away, but they believed their soul needs to take on another body. Mummification was very important during this stage. The mummification process took 72 days to complete. From removing the organs to draining moist from the body utilizing pouring salt on the body and allowing the body to rest for 40 days, then wrapping the servile body times in linen cloth and place it in a beautiful carved scope and place in the burial chamber.
    The Egyptians believed that the decease needed resources to survive. They would decorate their burial chambers with lavish gifts and food. The kings and Pharaoh were treated differently from those of the lower class. The artwork showed how Egyptians regard their life. They believe how you lived your life on earth depends on how you would survive in the afterlife. 
      3–19 Akhenaten and his Family

From Akhenaten (modern Tell el-Amara). c. 1353–1336 BCE, Dynasty 18. Painted limestone relief, 12¼″ × 15¼″ (31.1 × 38.7 cm). Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Ägyptisches Museum

Egyptian relief sculptors often employed the technique seen here, called sunken relief. In ordinary reliefs, the artist carves a background so that the figures project out from the finished surface. In sunken relief, the original flat surface of the stone is reserve as a background, and the outlines of the figures are deeply incised, permitting the development of three-dimensional forms within the stone block. (Image, p.29, Stockard Clothen)
    The Pharaoh spending time with his family was not even shown in early Egyptian art.  This portrait shows the importance of how family life is viewed among different cultures in today's world. One can see how the two can meet.
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