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A couple on vacation finds themselves in one of the worst hotels ever.
    "Look! I don't know where you get your vacation ideas from." Iris yelled, throwing her luggage on the hotel bed, "but this is the worst dump, I have ever been in, and it stinks in here." she turns and looks at Asiad, making him feel extremely guilty. " Oh, baby, this is the best trip ever, you said. I know the others turn out to be a disaster, but this is the best place in town, you said. Beautiful beaches within minutes of one another." Iris opens up her suitcase gets out a change of clothes. Asiad just stood there in shock; he didn't know what to said. Holding the clothes in her arms, she looked out the window and saw businesses that are close down, decayed buildings, cars driving up and down the street, and homeless people lying in the middle of the sidewalk. "Asiad?" she asks, turning to look at him.
      "Yes."  He answers caution.
      "Where in the hell is the beach!" she asks, throwing her change of clothes at him.
      "I'm sorry, baby, but the travel agency, a sure me, this was the place to go."
      "And what traveling agency was that?" she asks, giving a sarcastic grin.
      "Buttons to Buttons traveler."
      "The same traveler agency that told you about those other great places THAT RIPPED YOU OFF THE LAST SIX TIMES. Why, honey, why do you still go back to them? I don't get you."
      "My cousin works there."
      "Your cousin doesn't work there. You're full of crap! You only go to them because they tell you they are the cheapest in town."
        "I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry."
        "I'm sorry, baby,” she snorted. I'm sorry, baby my ass! Look at this dump, the bedspreads have stains, and cigarette burns them. The carpet doesn't look like its been vacuum in a year. The furniture has a decade of dust on it."  Iris walks into the bath to use the toilet when she turns on the light. It blinks, then burnt out. "Great! The light in the bathroom is out!"
          "I call the office to have someone come down and fix it!" he called out.
          "You call the office and get your damn money back!" Iris back out of the bathroom, and turn on the light over the sink.  Then she went back into the bathroom and scream. "Aah, aah, there's a snake in the toilet!"  She screams wavy her hands and jumping up and down, Asiad came running into the bathroom, and stop dead in his track, when he saw a little harmless baby snake.
              "That little thing? It won't hurt you."
              "Big... little... I don't care, GET RID OF IT!" she snarled
      Asiad reached over and flushed the toilet, and as he did, the handle broke, and water started pouring out over the toilet bowl, with brown feces.
              "Whadda, I do the handle broke, and it won't stop running!"
              " Use the plunger."
  Asiad looks around; there isn't any plunger. Iris looks down at her feet, as the toilet mess was rising and getting into her shoes. She quickly steps back. Asiad follower behind her, the water came out into the room before it finally stops. The carpet was wet and made a slushing sound when they walked.  Iris sat down on the bed and looks down on her wet, stinky shoes and started crying. Asiad sat down beside her and put his arm around her trying to console her.
                  "I want to be able to go on a nice vacation. Why can't you do that?” Iris cried.
                  "Baby, I'll make it up to you, I promise you."
                  "You said that the last five times we went out. It's always. " Iris felt something was watching her and slowly turn to see a big, black spider staring right at. "Ahh! A spider!" she quickly jumps up, grabs her luggage, with her clothes half hanging out and ran out the door. Asiad grabs his belongs and follows her.
        Iris opens the truck door and got in. Asiad just stood there looking at her. She waved him to come on. He threw his stuff in the back and got in. He just sat there, shaking his head. He had never been in a worse mess before, and he was very embarrassed about it. Iris patty the seat,
                  " Come on, let's get this baby outa here."
Asiad started up the engine, put the truck in reverse, back out of the parking lot, then put it back into drive, and drove out of the parking lot down the road.

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