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Porn star story(#9)

            "An ant colony is ruled by one queen with her sexual excretions."
      the actress explained, while walking about Aden in nothing but a sheer
      white silk negligee. Aden sat in his office chair sipping his coffee.
      "Do you want me?" Mrs. Dablo asked with baby doll eyes.
      Aden put his coffee down, "Of course."

            "I am an actress. My profession was synonymous with prostitution.
      This morning I washed in scented oils with rose petals. I have highlighted
      my eyes with mascara and painted my lips pink. Kiss me." Mrs. Dablo
      commanded. Aden complied and placed his right hand behind her neck
      as they kissed. "I have made porn. I have had many men inside me.
      Do you think I am a prostitute?" she gazed into Aden's eyes as she held
      his face with both hands.

            "You are an actress." Aden replied with a smile.

      Cote's red polished finger nails ran through Aden's hair. She gave a toothy
      smile, "Do you honestly believe you can stop Lucifer?"
      Aden cupped her breasts and circled her nipples with his thumbs
      through her silk negligee. "Why not? He's just a man." he plied with a
      Cheshire Cat smile. The actress broke her composure and laughed.

              "Angels are not men. They were never children. They never tire!
              They are not flesh. They are as pure as the firery Finger of God!"
      Her voice was like the roar of elephants. He kissed her deeply.
      "But, an Angel is a child of God." Aden whispered in her right ear.

              The actress pushed him back. His office chair creaked as it slid
      into his file cabinet. She rent her negligee in two. "You are a fool!" she
      cursed and tugged the detective's pants off, rutting on him as he sat.
      The office chair thumped against the file cabinet as Aden shot his
      wad inside the Spanish bombshell. "The President is being impeached.
      Zeus has vanished. Your cause is over." Aden said and kissed Mrs. Pablo
      on her nipples.

                She laughed, "Do you believe we need a President?
      This is not a Republic. This is show business! I am Cote De Pablo!
      Super Star!" The actress flipped about bouncing her copper butt on
      Aden's aroused manhood. "I love your performance!" Aden laughed,
      "I think we might get pregnant." The actress stood up quickly ..
      "We are of different clay." she spoke with trembling voice.
      Aden had a wicked smile, "I am a Master Magician."
      She grabbed her belly as something moved inside her. .. .
      "Impossible!" she shouted as her belly grew .. The actress fell backwards
      onto a stack of cardboard file boxes. A slender serpent slid out of her mound.
      It coiled its self about her naked hips and torso, holding her tight.
      The serpents forked tongue licked her face.

                        "Jesus! Get this off me!" Mrs. Pablo screamed.

      "Do not be afraid. This is our child. The serpent of clay." Aden smiled.
      And the serpent transformed into a woman with many colorful tattoos
      in a circle on her back symbolized in the zodiac.
      "Wh-what shall we call our child?" Mrs. Pablo stammered.
      "Zoe." Aden replied and flipped on the teli. Richard Nixon was giving a
      heart felt resignation speech.

        Reflections~ Nothing is impossible for LOGOS!

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