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Phoenix is surprised by his good mood on a Saturday...
Phoenix did not have any overly horrible nightmares that night.  He woke up feeling okay - disoriented, but okay.  He took his medicine, had some frosted shredded wheat for breakfast, and fed his gecko.  His mother called him on his cell phone to find out what he was doing.  He was planning on going out to his parents' house when he got dressed.  His mother said she would leave her keys on the seat of the old white pickup in the driveway so he could get into the house because they were going shopping for groceries in town.  Phoenix got his things ready to go, hugged his spouse, and left for his parents' house.  He was amazed at how good he felt.  He had had an ECT a few days before and was still on the antipsychotic that was working so well for him.  The sun was shining, the roads were not slick, and he was in a good mood. 
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