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Government is corrupt and people can be bought.
            Senator Freddy knew exactly what would happen.
    He was cursed with a genius for predicting events. But, no one cared.
    I know it's absurd to imagine a government that only wants to spend
    its time on short sighted solution. But, that is what Senator Freddy
    had to work with. He wanted a government that operated within a budget.
    But, no one wanted to alienate their constituents. Who would accept a
    cut in their individual entitlements? Could the military be cut back?
    Senator Freddy had to do something drastic.

            The final approximation was not democratic or even conventional.
    Senator Freddy called upon an angle .. through a witch he had met on
    Facebook. She was an Angel Wife. Angels had been taking wives,
    since the times of Genesis. The Senator explained the dire situation
    to Rhoda. The witch in turn spoke with her husband an Angel Nathan.
    Nathan said that problem could be solved much in the way of
    Sodom and Gomorra .. Senator Freddy was opposed to smiting his

            Nathan, then, proposed a spell over the people, making
      then ask not what their country can do for them, but what they can do
      for their country. This would reduce the number of entitlement claims.
      A spell would be cast over the military, causing an outbreak of peace.
      With less dependency on the government, more people would turn to
      God in worship. Senator Freddy liked this alternative plan.
      Rhoda said it would take a few weeks to get it right with God.
      "Good Angels have to get permission from the big boss." she said.

            Nathan got the okay from God. And Senator Freddy got a full night's
      sleep. He had been so worried; he had trouble sleeping.
      The very next day, Senator Freddy flipped on the teli and watched the
      5 on Fox News. They were all so happy. Even the women with clown makeup
      and enormous mouths were praising the new budget from the government.
      Senator Freddy called the capital to find out what had happened.
      He had hoped to vote on the budget. His face went ashen.
      Overnight three quarters of the world's population had died in their sleep.
      There was no need for a large military or social service.
      All the stupid people had died in their sleep.
      Senator Freddy took a drink of Madera strawberry wine and called Rhoda.
      Rhoda explained that God had taken the stupid people to Heaven.
      "They are very happy now." she said.
      Senator Freddy got hammered on his strawberry wine.

      Reflection: The guardian angels are our judges too.

      5 fishes + 5 loaves = 5,000
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