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My first attempt at creating my own poetry form

Gentle waves
Cradling, calming caress
Comfort for my affliction

Fervid sun
Penetrating, purifying poultice
Balm for my aching

Foamy water
Splashing, scintillating serenade
Therapy to my soul

Salty air
Infusing, invigorating impetus
Elixir for my spirit

Sandy beach
Spongy, squishy silt
Remedy for my cares

Pat Nelson
December 29, 2012

***Poetic Form: Patina (my own form): first line is an adjective and a noun; second line contains two adjectives and a noun which tell more about the first line (these three words should begin with the same letter); last line is four words long and tells what the first two lines mean to the writer. This form can be repeated for as many verses as the writer likes. Punctuation is up to the poet. No punctuation is required, but a comma between the two adjectives in the second line is often helpful to the flow.
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