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Phoenix discovers that his friend is not as helpless as she has been playing to Phoenix...
Phoenix had texted his friend that morning and gotten nothing back.  Then, at around 1900 hrs, his phone indicated that he had gotten a text.  It was a question of whether or not he could take his friend shopping at 0900 hrs the next day.  He replied that he could not, that he had an appointment, which was true.  Phoenix was irked, though.  All this time, this last year, he had thought he was helping his friend out because she had no one else to turn to.  He had bought her medications, her groceries, loaned her money for other things...  Then, with Christmas passing, he found out that she has more family in the city than Phoenix has in the entire state.  Phoenix felt used, and he was tired of it.  He was angry.  It was not like he did not have bills to pay and groceries to buy himself, but he had gone the extra mile to provide for her, taking her here and there, when she had plenty of people to turn to the entire time.  Phoenix felt like a chump.  This was why Phoenix kept to himself and did not seek out other people for friendships or anything else.  It always turned into this.  It was always about money.  His friend was to pay him back all the money she owed him as soon as she got her financial aid money in January, but this was little consolation to Phoenix as far as the matter of being used went.  Phoenix was out of good deeds.  For today at least.  Tomorrow was New Year's and he would assess what to do then, but for today, he was "busy".
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