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I had a short hospital bed vacation
I had a short hospital bed vacation
fueled by a cocktail of medication
I'm taking pills that probably wont help me
but it helps to feel I'm acting productively

You didn't notice I was gone for three whole days
which is comforting cuz it means I can run away
and if there's cancer in my liver then there's cancer in my brain
and the only thing you'll catch from me is going insane

Who are you?
Caterpillar questions running circles no progression
Who are you?
Caterpillar philosophy creates a feeling of loss in me

I saw a horrid thing and I started to shout
because the girl next to me ripped her catheter out
there was blood on her hands like her body was painted
she said, "I'm not a virgin now" and suddenly fainted

Kate took a knife to her mouth on a whim
I mean literally that boy had gotten under her skin
I don't think these two girls are one and the same
but people hurt themselves bad just to avoid pain.
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